This blog is filled with all kinds of tips, handouts and ideas that can help to motivate and fulfill your calling as a Visiting Teacher, and more because it is filled with helpful ideas for Relief Society related topics. We hope you will visit often, and don't forget to check out my other blogs too at:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Some "New Year Resolves" for a Visiting Teacher.....

I was a bit ambitious with my Visiting Teaching Resolutions for this year, however I just heard a story on KOSY 106.5 about a woman who was making resolutions and I have decided to keep these and add a post script at the bottom, so please read to the bottom.
1. Resolve to not let anything stand in the way of getting your visiting teaching done.
2. Resolve to get your Visiting Teaching done either in the 2nd or 3rd week of each month, and be consistent.
3. Resolve to take the initiative to schedule visits with your sisters even if your partner doesn't like to take turns with this task.
4. Resolve to really get to know each sister you teach. Make her your friend and nurture her as your friend instead of just someone you are assigned to Visit Teach.
5. Resolve to study and prepare the monthly lesson before you go out with your partner Visiting Teaching. This way, you really think about the message you will be giving and share your knowledge and insites, but you can also contribute to the discussion and help support your Visiting Teaching partner if she is the one sharing the message with your sisters.
6. Resolve to make visiting teaching easier for yourself, your partner and those you teach by opening up your schedule for this very important calling. Be flexible with your time availability.
7. Resolve to call your Visiting teaching supervisor as soon as you complete your visiting teaching just to make her job of accounting for the visits in her district, a little easier.
8. Resolve to look forward to and learn to love the opportunity of Visiting Teaching.

The story that I just heard was told by Glen Rossin, and I would love to be able to link you to that story, but I cannot find a link to him on the radio. This will have to do... "A sweet woman was sitting down writing out all these ambitious resolutions including losing 20 lbs, keeping up the laundry, being the sweetest wife to her husband and so forth. She was determined to do all that she had written. The next week and after getting some comments by her husband and son, daughters and such, and gaining 5 lbs., basically destroyed all her resolutions that she had just made. She had a change of heart and just wrote another list that gave herself some slack and made resolves that she would gain under 20 lbs., she would take time to teach her husband and children how to do their own laundry, and on and on. Then the song played by Michael McClain.."Gentle" which talks about being a little less hard on ourselves, and being more gentle. I laughed and immediately thought about the resolutions that I suggested we all as Visiting Teachers make for this coming year. I am going to be more gentle on you and on myself so here is the.....
NEW and IMPROVED Visiting Teaching list for 2008
1. Feel really good about getting your Visiting teaching done for the month, whenever you can fit it into your own busy schedule, as well as into the schedules of those you teach.
2. Enjoy the visit you make with your sister and the time away from your kids and housework.
3.Appreciate the fact that because of you and your partner's efforts, your sisters are smiling and happy that you visited them.
4. Feel happy that you positively contributed to the ward Visiting teaching statistics!
5. Knowing how busy you are and don't have too much prep time, be sure to visit my website and if some of my ideas for the monthly lessons help you, then make it easy on yourself and just copy them off and go from there.
6. If you forgot to call your V.T. supervisor this month to report your visits, and she had to call you, it's OK... you can try to remember for the next month.

Some of these are alittle tongue in cheek, but my point is that your efforts made, however large or small with Visiting teaching are appreciated. The fact that you got out in spite of all the obstacles that were in your way trying to prevent you from doing it, are noted and you gave the service that you were called to give. Feel good about this visit and know that you will get the opportunity to go again every month to create a bond of love, friendship and sisterhood with those you teach. Remember that what you are doing for others, others are also doing for you and that is what Visiting Teaching is all about. Enjoy, feel good, and look foreword to doing it again, and again. You are loved!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

January 2009 Visiting Teaching Message & bookmark

Please feel free to download this bookmark for a handout to give to your sisters when you go Visiting Teaching this month. There are three 8.5 x 11 per page and I recommend printing them either on Photo paper, or card stock. You can also laminate them to preserve them better.

The January 2009 Visiting Teaching message can be found at:,4945,2044-1-4731-1,00.html or directly from the Ensign
Sister Julie Beck has listed 8 in her talk that you can find at: .

I would like to hear your comments on this question...How can we as Women Stand Strong and Immovable in our Faith? Refer to Julie Becks portion of the January 2009 Visiting Teaching Message. I would like to hear your stories. Make click on the "COMMENTS" button below. Thank-you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Video version of "Mary Did You Know?"

I made this video for my family Christmas party last year. I am a rookie at doing this, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway. Hopefully with all the hustle bustle and hurry scurry of shopping, decorations, gift giving, holiday baking and every other wonderful thing that happens each year at this time, you can remember the real reason for the season. I testify that Jesus Christs birth was the single most important event that changed this world. His life, example, and even death was the greatest gift ever given. I love and honor Him. He is my brother, and my Savior, and the Son of God.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Teach the Children

Last Month I shared a story with you that you could share with your sisters as a little gift for them, and this month I have another. I illustrated this one too and I have just finished posting the pictures ( 11 of them in total) on my visiting teaching surprise blog. Go to to download the pictures.
This story is another of the traditional stories my family has been using for years, ever since I was a child. We would share the story of the Christmas Symbols either at a Christmas Family Home evening or on Christmas Eve for a program. I found the actual Script that our Christmas Symbols came from in the story called " Teach the Children" I think you will really like it. Once again, feel free to download them as my gift to you and to those you visit teach. Merry Christmas & enjoy this story that makes the symbols we see at Christmas more meaningful!

Oh, I about forgot... if you would like to have a copy of the script in MS Word, email me and I will send it to you. For some reason, Blogger doesn't accept Word documents to down load, but I will be happy to send it to you. Email (Katie) me at

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cute little Gift Ideas for Visiting Teaching


For years, I have put together so many cute ideas and little gifts for not only the sisters I visit teach but for neighborhood gifts, etc., but I have never kept track of all of them, so I am going to try to remember some ideas that you might like to use. If there is more to putting the little gift together than simple directions, I will add it to the "Visiting Teaching Surprise" blog located at: The Visiting Teaching Surprise blog is basically my blog for surprises for you to copy and share, or in other words... my gift to you! Make sure to check out that blog regularly as I will add to it throughout the month, or when I remember more of my ideas. It may take me a few days to get all the directions up on the VT Surprise blog so keep checking back.
Ok.... here are some ideas that have just come to mind that I have done in the past..
1. 12 stories for the 12 days before Christmas. Go to some Christmas websites and print off some of the cute stories and put them into a booklet to share. Here are a few websites to check out -
The Christmas Orange story, and get a chocolate Orange (sold at Walmart and other stores, or a box of mandarins or clementines as the gift)I like this version of the story the best found at
3. The Friendly Beasts Music. Make sack puppets or puppets on a stick or even head bands of the different animals told in the song as the gifts with the music. See the V.T. Surprise blog for the music. (this is one of my family traditions)The guitar tabs and lyrics can be downloaded for free at Old Gentleman Gray and the pictures I created. Substitute the word Christmas for Thanksgiving when you use it at Christmas time. Got o my V.T. Blog to print
the pictures.
5. Bake mini loaves of Cranberry Orange Cake and wrap in a cellophane bag with a bow. (Recipe note card print out is at trong>
6. The story of the Candy cane. Go to the V.T. blog for the story and then you can give a cute basket of candy canes or bundle them up and tie with a bow as the gift.
7. Christmas FHE packet - go to Deseret and every week they have a family home evening complete with stories, pictures, treat ideas, games and more for you to print off.
8. 12 days of Christmas service - This requires a little more planning and prep but you can do service for your sisters or neighbors for 12 days before Christmas. Your service can be as simple as visiting a widow in the ward, offering to baby sit someones children so they can go to a Christmas party, offer to help bake a batch of cookies for someone who is ill, or in need of some help, for them to give as gifts for Christmas, Christmas carol, offer to help put up Christmas lights, and on and on. There are so many ways you can give service as your gift for Christmas and be sure to include your family in the fun.
9. Secret Santa - you know how this one works, you become the secret Santa for you Visiting teaching sisters, or someone else, and surprise them with little kindnesses or small gifts from the heart without them ever finding out who you are.
10. Pull out your Wheat grinder and grind up some fresh coarsely ground wheat. Add some sugar and nondairy powdered creamer (Cremora) or powdered milk. Put this mixture in small zip lock bags ( you can get all different sizes at Xpedex) Cut a piece of Card stock as a Header and fold it in half & print mixing directions on once side and "Creamy Wheat Cereal" on the front. Then staple to the zipped bag and there you have it.(see the VT Blog for directions)
11. You can do the very same cute mini bagged gifts with all kinds of goodies and then just label the bag accordingly.
12. There are so many cute boxes, bags, and containers at Xpedex for just about anything you want to put in them. You could stack sugar cookies in a clear Chinese take out style box, home made fudge, divinity or brittle in this type of container too. They have darling Christmas printed "Happy meal box" style to fill with whatever you can think of. You really need to go to this store and see what you can find, and then you can come up with so many great things to fill them up with.
I'm back with more ideas....
13. This year I am giving a beautiful copper star that I found at Taipan Trading. I have found the lyrics to a song written by Sally DeFord called Star of Bethlehem. Go to and I have the words printed there to attach to the star. If you didn't want to give this you could find a cute star ornament or even a plate of Star shaped sugar cookies and wrap in cellophane, tie it off with a beautiful bow and attach the testimony of the star as well as your own testimony of Christ.
14. Another idea for a gift that lasts all year is to make sure that the sisters you teach has a subscription to the Ensign. It isn't very expensive but so vital to have in the home. To order online go to,%20Renewals,%20and%20Gifts&top=Y&resetCat=N&replBC=subcatlist13719&retURL=
15. There is always the candle gift where you can focus on the scripture "Let you light so shine..."Matt. 5: 16 (3 Ne. 12: 16) Let your light so shine before men. a light from heaven. 2 Cor. 4: 6 light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts. 3 Ne. 18: 16 I am the light: I have set an example, or there are so many others to choose from. You can get a little luminary candle, make an advent candle, or find a nice scented candle. Wrap it in a cellophane bag and tie it off with raffia or a ribbon and attach the scripture and a nice Christmas greeting. I found a cute and ready made attachment for a candle at a blogsite of someone who visits this blog. Go to and scroll down to "1st December Visiting Teaching handout". You can copy that and attach to a candle.
16. One year, I made up a batch of Green Apple Mint jelly and put them into small clear glass Christmas cups or mugs. The recipe is so easy and makes quite alot. Pour about 1/2 inch of the melted paraffin wax to seal the jelly then, I whipped up melted paraffin wax to look like frothy white whipped cream topping and place a dollop on top of the jelly and added two tiny red straws and a spring of plastic holly with berries. I tied a matching ribbon around the rim of the jar and it was not only yummy, but very cute. For a recipe go to MORE NEW IDEAS I am on the Self-Reliant Sisters mailing list and they just emailed me come really cute inexpensive gift ideas that were taken from the Deseret News, Nev. 15, 2006. For the ideas go to There are TONS of really good ideas!!!
18. Are you interested in candied nuts? These are really simple and a very nice little gift to give anyone. There are lots of recipes out there but you can go to OR OR Want a video to instruct you???? go to
19. Would you like to make your own fresh nut butters which are like peanut butter but just of different nut varieties? It is easy and you can make it up fresh and give it to friends. It is so delicious and really a unique gift. Put it in a small jar and make up a cute label and lid topper. For recipes go to for a video of making maccademia nut butter OR Cashew Nut butter recipe by Emeril go to OR Sweet Pistachio Nut butter or pine nut butter go to

20.Conduit Chimes anyone? My husband and I wanted to make conduit chimes to use when our family gathers together this Christmas, so I located the site that has the directions. I have posted them on my Visiting Teaching Surprise site, so to go it to find that link.
21. 31 ways to make Christmas memorable - I just found this and it is worth the read as it has some really great ideas! Go to

Friday, November 28, 2008

December 2008 Visiting Teaching message

To go directly to the message for this month, go to this link,4945,2044-1-4702-1,00.html

My favorite quote from this message is from President Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency: "The gospel of Jesus Christ has the divine power to lift you to great heights from what appears at times to be an unbearable burden or weakness. The Lord knows your circumstances and your challenges. He said to Paul and to all of us, 'My grace is sufficient for thee.' And like Paul we can answer: 'My strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me' (2 Corinthians 12:9)" ("Have We Not Reason to Rejoice?" Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2007, 19).

I testify that I personally know that the Lord can lift us up from what appears at time to be unbearable burdens. Many times in my own life, I have felt the strength of the Lord enter into me and either take from me my burdens or give me the strength to bare them up.

I have had the great blessing of raising a very special child. She was my last child and she was born with some physical challenges. One of the troubles she had as a baby was breathing difficulties. We didn't know until much later that she suffered from obstructive and central apnea which put her life at risk when she slept. Needless to say that as a Mother, I didn't sleep much either as I worried that she would stop breathing all together. Many nights I would take her to the family room and I would make her a little bed of quilts on the floor beside the sofa which I slept on. I would lay my hand on her chest so that I could tell if she was breathing or not. When she stopped breathing long enough periods of time, I would shake her and start up her breathing again. I would do this all night long, not getting much sleep, but fearing more for my little girls survival through the night.

After lots of sleepless nights, I felt almost like a zombie the next day though I still had 4 other children to care for besides my little girl. I will never forget one night, we went to bed, once again me on the sofa and my daughter on the quilts by the side of the sofa, and I was soooo exhausted. By the time about 3:00 am rolled around and I had spent my night without any sleep, I felt as if I could not do it anymore. I was just too exhausted and I needed some sleep. I got off the sofa and knelt down by the side of my little girl and said a prayer. I remember crying all the way though it. My words in essence where that I needed to turn over my little daughters care into the Lords hands, and I needed to get some sleep. I knew that there was a possibility that if it was the Lord's will, she could die in her sleep if I didn't keep shaking her.

After my prayer, I just laid down beside my little girl on the floor and before I knew it, I had fallen into a deep sleep. I slept the rest of the night and only awakened when I heard some of my other children getting up. I was frantic when I woke up and looked at my little girl to see if she was alive. She was not only alive, but sleeping very soundly herself. I realized that Heavenly Father had answered my prayer and had given me rest as well as my daughter. He had lifted my heavy burden and had preserved my daughter that night.

Like the quote from President Uchtdorf, "The Lord knows your circumstances and your challenges," and I testify that this is true, because he knew mine and lifted me.

I also want to testify that Jesus Christ is the Light and life of the world. Like the quote from Elder Dallin H. Oaks said, "His example and His teachings illuminate the path we should walk. His resurrection and His Atonement save us from both physical and spiritual death." What a blessing His life and death have given to the whole world. What an opportunity we have this month to think about Christ and read about his birth in the scriptures. Jesus is the Christ in Christmas. He is whose birth we reverence as well as celebrate.

Jesus is indeed the light and life of the world, as well as the eternal giver of hope. Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president says, "Mormon asks, 'What is it . . . ye shall hope for?' His answer tells us of the three great hopes: 'Ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ and the power of his resurrection, to be raised unto life eternal' (Moroni 7:41).

"When you were baptized, you became participants in the first great hope, the Atonement of Christ. Every time you worthily partake of the sacrament, you have the opportunity to begin again. . . . Your hope and faith in the Savior will increase as you repent and make personal changes. . . .

"The second great hope is the Resurrection. You are all promised that through our Savior Jesus Christ you will be resurrected. . . .

"With the hope of the Atonement and the Resurrection, you have a third great hope, the hope of eternal life."

Though this life presents us with trials, challenges, heartaches, pain and grief, we can be eternally grateful, feel blessed and strengthened in our trials knowing that our loving Heavenly Father provided us a Savior, giving hope to this world.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Your Thanksgiving surpirse is here!!!

I have been working on a surprise for you . I have spent countless hours the past week getting this surprise ready to give to you and your visiting teaching ladies. One thing though... I have made it to share with you but not to sell or distribute for any monetary gain. Feel free to copy for your visiting teaching ladies, and for personal use only. I would appreciate a comment from you if you choose to download it, so make sure to leave a comment. More information can be found on the new blogsite that I just made to hold all my surprises from here on.

I have inserted the first page that I have designed to give you a sneak peek at what you have to look foreword to by going to

You will also find all the rest of the pages to the story that I have designed. This is my gift for you and I want you to know that I appreciate you following my blog and coming back time and time again to get ideas. I hope I have helped you be a more effective Visiting teacher and have helped to get you looking foreword to fulfilling your assignments.

Thanks for your following my Visiting teaching blog & lots of love to you and the sisters you teach! Oh and..."Happy Thanksgiving".

Katie G.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Elder Bednar's Oct. 2008 Conference Talk..."Pray Always"

For my November visiting teaching, I have chosen to share with my sisters, Elder Bednar's talk entitled "Pray Always". ( scroll down to the next post and you will see a link that will take you directly to this talk as well as the rest of the October Conference talks) There was a paragraph in his talk that really stuck in my mind as he spoke in Conference, probably because I had in the recent past, done what he admonished us to do with regard to praying to our Heavenly Father. This is the quote that I am referring to....
"As we strive to make our prayers more meaningful, we should remember that “in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments” (D&C 59:21). Let me recommend that periodically you and I offer a prayer in which we only give thanks and express gratitude. Ask for nothing; simply let our souls rejoice and strive to communicate appreciation with all the energy of our hearts."

Following Conference, the words "Offer a prayer in which we only give thanks and express gratitude," ran thought my mind over and over. I remembered some years back on when I did this very thing and I remembered how uplifted I felt after thanking my Heavenly Father, instead of asking for one thing. I wanted to feel it again, so I took Elder Bednar's recommendation to heart, and for the entire week following October conference, each night when I said my personal prayers, I thanked my Heavenly Father and asked for nothing. Gratitude poured into my heart and soul and more and more memories of the blessings that I had received came into my mind. I became keenly aware that my Heavenly Father was intimately involved in my life. He has been by my side over and over and given me strength when I thought my strength was gone. He has been a listening ear for all of my heartaches & trials as well as my joys and triumphs. He has wept with me and I have felt loving arms wrapped around me. Best of all I realized once again, that He is always there ready to listen to me and that I am never truly alone, He is always there for me and I owe my all to Him

When I think of gratitude in praying, probably the greatest example I know was of my Grandmother Great as we called her. Her name was Mary Jane Cunningham. She was the mother of 12 children, two of which died in infancy. She and Great Grandpa lived in a 3 room cabin in American Fork, Utah. Her husband was a brick mason and was working in Provo, Utah and fell off the scaffolding to his death, leaving Grammy Great to raise her 10 children on her own. I can scarcely imagine the weight of the burden she must have felt when she realized what was ahead of her. But she was a strong woman with great faith and a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every night she would gather her children to say evening prayer. She would turn the chairs with the seat outward around the kitchen table so that as she and her children knelled to pray, they could rest their arms on the seat of the chair. The picture that paints in my mind is priceless! My own Grandmother Doris Cunningham Robinson, one of Grammy greats daughters, told of how hard it was to kneel on the hard-wooden floors when it was Grammy Greats turn to pray. She said that Grammy Greats prayers lasted what seemed like hours, as she would thank Heavenly Father for every single thing she had, realizing she wouldn't have it if it were not from the Lord. She thanked Him for the cow that provided them milk, and the fruit trees that provided fruit to feed her her family, and enough to bottle for the winter. She thanked him for the birds that sing, each child by name, and on and on. She didn't miss expressing gratitude over and over to Heavenly Father for the simple abundance he had provided. My Grandmother Robinson said that it wasn't until she was a teenager that she realized just how poor her family was, because when her mother prayed thanking Heavenly Father for so many things, she thought they must be really rich to have so many blessings.

How often do we forget that the blessings we are given come to us from the Lord and how often do we take the time to really thank him? I urge you and will challenge the sisters that I visit teach, to take recommendation of Elder Bednar, to pray with thankful hearts asking for nothing and experience for yourselves the wonderful feeling of Thanksgiving that comes. We all have so much to be thankful for! What a more perfect time to contemplate those things we are thankful for, than during the month we celebrate Thanksgiving?

I have been working on a vintage post card collage to give to my sisters for the Month of November. The photo of Sister Manwaring and daughters praying is used Courtesy, ofm L.Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library,Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602.
My inspiration for this collage was that if anyone isn't able to get and in home visit with one of her sisters for whatever reason, print off the post card and send it in the mail along with a copy of the Conference talk. This should not take the place of a visit but I know that sometimes for a variety of reasons, a sister is missed. This way you can contact the sister through the mail and share the message too.
Enjoy! Let me know what you think! Katie

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Visiting Teaching Message for November.. what's yours?

Didn't you just love October 2008 Conference? Just when you think that talks can't get any better, then another conference comes around. I loved the entire conference and though it was hard for me to choose only one talk to give for my November Visiting teaching message, I have found the one I will use. I thought I was giving you a hint to what my message I picked for November would be, but I just clicked on the link and it didn't work. Sorry for that. The Talk that I have chosen is David A. Bednar's talk called "Pray Always". You can find it at this link
or read all of the conference talks at:
I will post my handout in about a week, so keep coming back so that you can get that as well.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Here's some food for thought...

I went to today to copy off the Visiting teaching message for the month of October which incidentally is located at
and I hadn't ever noticed that you can email the message to someone. I was thinking that in areas of the world, where it isn't always easy to get an actual visit to all of your sisters, at the very least you can email the message to them to make sure they have the opportunity to read it. If I needed to use this mode of delivery, I would certainly add to the message my testimony, and special greetings or thoughts about he message before I clicked the "Send" button. I would also follow up with a phone call if I couldn't visit a particular sister and make sure things are going well with them.
Now the food for thought.... There isn't a reason now that any sister can't have the message delivered to them whether it be personally with an in - home visit, by telephone, by mail, or by email. The church thinks of everything! No more excuses!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Visiting Teaching Halloween Holiday fun!

Have you scheduled your Visiting teaching visits for the month of October yet? It is half way through the month and the end of the month gets kind of "SPOOKY" (pun intended) so you have better get your visits set up. Here's just a cute little poem and idea that you could do for a fun
Halloween Treat...
Three little pumpkins sitting on a fence,
a witch came riding by,
Ha, ha, ha, I'll take you all,
and make a pumpkin pie!!

Print off the tag and Recipe that is pictured and attach it to either a personal size pumpkin pie wrapped up in cellophane with raffia or a matching bow or a small plate of pumpkin cookies for each of the sisters you teach. Very cute and a yummy Halloween treat!
Pumpkin Cookie Recipe
1 sm can of pumpkin
1 box cake mix (spice or pecan is good)
1 pkg. of mini chocolate chips
Mix all three ingredients. Spoon onto cookie sheet. Bake at 350* for 5-10 min, depending on size. Amount varies based on size of cookie. Dust with powdered sugar, or not! Makes allot of cookies! and fast too!
Have a "SPOOKTACULAR" time visiting your Sisters! !

Friday, October 10, 2008

Diversion from Visiting teaching to relay an important message....

This is a bit of a diversion from the topic of Visiting Teaching however I know that there have been many women who have been affected in one way or another by this message I feel inspired to share with you. I realize that many people are coming to my blog and I appreciate it, so I felt that if I could touch even one person who was suffering right now or whenever, that it would be worth posting. Please read on....

I am a missionary for the LDS Church Addiction Recovery program under the direction of LDS Family Services. Many people don't know about this program unless for some reason they have had the misfortune to have to be referred to it. I say misfortune only because that means that their life has been touched by their own addiction or the addiction of another who is close to them. I want everyone to know that there is hope and healing from addictions.

This program is free and available to anyone even if they are not a member of the LDS Church. Everyday there are meetings all over the United States and the world for that matter to help people get on their way to recovery. I live in Utah and serve in the Sandy, Utah area. My husband and I do English as well as Spanish meetings in the Addiction Recovery program. It is my hope and desire that anyone who reads this message, who is in need of help fr themselves or for someone that they love, that they go to and look under Home and Family, then look under Marriage, family and individual counseling, and then Addiction recovery program. You will find a downloadable manual as well as a list of where all the meetings are held and the times. In the manual the introduction will give you an overview of the purpose of the Addiction Recovery program. Then just go to the meeting. Meetings are for those who are addicted to just about everything including Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Pornography, Food disorders, Anger, and those are only the tip of the iceburg, as well as for those who are an affected family member or friend wanting to support them in overcoming their addiction.

This program can help just about anyone who has a desire to rid themselves of addiction and put their hands in the capable hands of the Lord. There is hope and there is healing, and only you can take the first step to get help. It is up to you. Think about it and if you need the help, just go to a meeting and there will be people waiting for you to teach you the 12 steps to healing your wounded body and soul.

Nobody will force you, especially the Lord, to get help for your addiction. as you can just keep it going as long as you decide. You must first want to make the changes in yourself enough. You must want the help and have the desire to change, more than you want to continue your addiction. I have a question for you to ponder.... Do you love the drug of choice more than you love yourself or those lives your addiction is effecting? When you take the drug you are making the choice that your drug is the most important thing in your life? I urge you to get help and do it today.... in fact, how about NOW?

I would love to hear from you or your comments. Just click on "Comments" below this post and feel free to share.

With love and concern for you,
Katie G.

A Note of diversion from Visiting Teaching

I realize that what I am about to write doesn't have much to do with Visiting teaching, although what I am going to write about I am certain that myriads of women have been touched or affected by in their lifetime, and in fact probably more than have ever even admitted it. I realize that many people are visiting my blog to which I am grateful, so I felt inspired to share something that is close to my heart with you.

I am a missionary for the LDS Church Addiction Recovery program under the direction of LDS Family Services. Many people don't know about this program unless for some reason they have had the misfortune to have to be referred to it. I say misfortune only because that means that their life has been touched by their own addiction or the addiction of another who is close to them. I want everyone to know that there is hope and healing from addictions. This program is free and available to anyone even if they are not a member of the LDS Church. Everyday there are meetings all over the United States and the world for that matter to help people get on their way to recovery. I live in Utah and serve in the Sandy, Utah area. My husband and I do English as well as Spanish meetings.

It is my hope and desire that anyone who reads this message, who is in need of help for themselves or for someone they love, that they go to and look under Home and Family, then look under Marriage, family and individual counseling, and then Addiction recovery program. You will find a downloadable manual as well as a list of where all the meetings are held and the times .In the manual the introduction will give you an overview of the purpose of the Addiction Recovery program. Then just go to the meeting.

This program and meetings are for those who are addicted to just about everything including Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Pornography, Food disorders, Anger, and those are only the tip of the iceberg. It is also for those who are affected by the addiction of a loved one who wants to offer their support and know what they can do to help. This program can help just about anyone who has a desire to rid themselves of addiction and put their hands in the capable hands of the Lord. There is hope and there is healing, and only you can take the first step to get help.

It is up to you. Nobody, especially Heavenly Father will force you to get help for yourself, you have to want the help more than you want the addiction. You have to want to love and be loved by your family and friends more than you love your drugs of choice. When you make the choice to persue your addiction, you are telling yourself and your family that your addiction means more to you than they do.

Think about it and if you need the help, just go to one of the meetings that is close to you and there will be people waiting for you to teach you the 12 steps to healing your wounded body and soul. You are loved by your Heavenly Father and He wants you back and is waiting for you to reach out to Him! I urge you with all the sincerity of my heart to take the first step and do it today. Take the first step right now!

If you would like comment, feel free to leave me your comments below. I look foreword to hearing from you.

Much Love and Concern,
Katie G.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

October Visiting Teaching

Wow the time has flown by and I am finally getting back to coming up with a new idea for October Visiting teaching. I love October probalby because it is my own Birthday month but there are so many fun little things you could do for the sisters that you teach that have to do with Pumpkins, or other Fall and Harvest ideas. If you click on this link it will take you directly to the October message from The link is,4945,2044-1-4478-1,00.html I like one specific quote that I will focus on this month and that is the following:
Margaret D. Nadauld, former Young Women general president: "Women of God can never be like women of the world. The world has enough women who are tough; we need women who are tender. There are enough women who are coarse; we need women who are kind. . . . We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith" ("The Joy of Womanhood," Liahona, Jan. 2001, 18; Ensign, Nov. 2000, 15).

Don't you just love this quote. I moved this past year and I cannot tell you how many people I have spoken to have asked me the question..."Do you work... What is your job?" Many times I have wondered if ones identity as a woman has to be categorized in what her lifes job was. Since I am an empty nester now , the next question after I have answered the first one is usually...."What do you do with all your time now?"

First things first, I have been a Homemaker and full time Mom and totally dedicated to my vocation. I feel so blessed to have a husband who placed so much value in my Mothering and teaching skills, that he worked enough for the both of us in earning an income that alowed me to be able to stay at home with our children. Both he and I had faith in what our church leaders have counceld and we both made being a full time Mom my lifes vocation. I honor and love my husband for that blessing. I also realize that not every woman can be a stay at home Mom, and the world needs all the talents of women.

When I was in my teens I received my Patriarchical blessing. My patriarchical blessing told me that I was blessed with many talents and many yet to be developed talents that will be used for service and in blessing the lives of others. Being a stay at home Mother has been the key to the fulfillment of these blessings, because there were so many talents that I learned along the way from being a stay at home Mom.

I learned how to develop a preschool coop , taught about 30 boys in Cubscouts more skills than just camping, learned how to be my kids biggest fan and greatest confidant. Was team mother for my boys and girls and all the other boys and girls on the teams. I taught my
children the love of music, how to play the piano and violin. I learned how to be a tutor with homework, an expert decorator for decorating on a dime, a quilter, a seamstress and expert costume maker. I developed my writing skills as I wrote and directed plays for my childrens classes, as well as for Road Shows, Visiting Teaching Seminars, and all kinds of other Ward programs. I learned how to use the computer because I needed to keep up with not only my children but technology. I've taught so many craft, cooking and creative classes that my children call me Martha Stewart and their tummies have been filled with delicous food and home made confections. I learned how to be a leader, and served my family at home and individuals in my community and church. I learned how to nurse sick children and deal with the unkind acts of individuals directed toward my handicapped child. My compassion and love helped me to be able to teach my own children to respect difference and diversity and to show kindness and compassion to everyone.

These kinds of learning experiences are developed by Mom's who stay at home to raise their children. It is my testimony that growt comes in the mind, and heart and soul of women who choose to make "Mommy" their favorite nickname. Families are blessed and paraphrasing what Sister Nadauld says, we need women who are tender, women who are kind and women who have faith. This isn't to say that there aren't challenges and difficulties that come with raising children and not all children will choose to follow the guidance and councel of their parents but I believe that the Lord has given only women a stewardship and this blessed calling.

The lesson gave a quote from Sister Julie Beck that says...."Female roles did not begin on earth, and they do not end here. A woman who treasures motherhood on earth will treasure motherhood in the world to come"

I hope that all women will understand and appreciate the divine role she will play as she becomes a mother to some of the choicest of Gods children here on this earth. Motherhood doesn't end here either it will be a blessing upon all righteous mothers in the life to come.

These are my thoughts I have had for this months Visiting teaching lesson. I would be interested to hear what your focus would be on as well. Feel free to post if you like.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Printable Family Home Evenings

What does Family Home evenings have to do with Visiting Teaching? When we visit our sisters, we know that all Church members been asked to hold Family Home Evenings each Monday night. To encourage this effort, you can print off some already prepared Family Home Evenings and share them with your sisters. Coming up with new ideas for FHE isn't always easy, and your sisters will be delighted that you have given them ideas too. I have a resource for you. Go to
and they have a lesson ready to print out for free I believe each week. Another place for good ideas is A fun site ( blog) that has all kinds of flannel board stories that have printable pictures is For 100+ FHE ideas go to and for FHE ideas in a jar, which looks like a fun thing to do or something you could make up for your sisters as a little gift and present it to them on a visit, go to This Jennysmith site has allot of really great ideas and there are more if you just look around once you get to her site. Another LDS Family site that includes Family Home Evening ideas is You will need to look under "Subjects" scrolling down to find "Family home evening", and then click that. There are allot of other Internet resources that you can look up but I will include a few more....., ,, Gospel Art Picture Kits with the story of the picture found on the back side of them is located at,16812,4218-1,00.html and of course the LDS website ( you can find a FHE planner at,16809,4234-1,00.html and you can find lesson topics on the LDS site at,16783,4225-1,00.html. You can also find family activities at,16783,4235-1,00.html and FHE helps at,16783,4215-1,00.html and FHE Resources at,16783,4217-1,00.html. This site is really cute and fun.. I know that there are allot more resources and one of the best is probably your own peers who form their own FHE groups and share their own ideas for FHE and make packets to share within the group.

Monday, July 28, 2008

August 2008 VT Message

If you would like a jump start on your August 2008 message, go to,4945,2044-1-4459-1,00.html The lesson is on: Each Sister Is a Beloved Daughter of Heavenly Parents and Has a Divine Destiny
Julie B. Beck's quote will lead you to a link that she speaks about Patriarical Blessings. It is a very good read and helps us to understand that they are individual and are unique blessings for us if we will live ou lives faithfully while on this earth. Her talk would be a great one to print off and give to your sisters and talk about their own Patriarchical blessings.
Another really good reference is found in the quote by James E.Faust, and you will be directed to his talk on What It Means to Be a Daughter of God . An excerpt from his talk says.. "We are beloved spirit daughters of God.” To be a daughter of God means that you are the offspring of Deity, literal descendants of a Divine Father, inheriting godly attributes and potential". This talk is also a wonderful one that could be used for discussion at the Visiting Teaching appointment.
My thoughts after reading the lesson and the accompaning talks, was that we need to make sure that our sisters know and feel just how loved they are by their Heavenly Father. They also need to know that they are genuinely loved by their visiting teachers. Perhaps in our visits, we could point out some of their wonderful qualities that makes them unique and special. A fun handout might be a mirror, and suggest that each time they look into the mirror that they will remember that the reflection they see, is the the image of a beloved daughter of God. Print off the tag that is included on this post, cut it out and tie it with a ribbon to the handle of the mirror. This will make a creative and thoughtful gift for your Visiting Teaching sisters. You can enlarge the handout by clicking on it to view. If you would like to print this and cannot get it to fit on the page, email me and I will email it directly to you.

July 2008 VT Message.....I'm baaaaack!

It has been way too long, but now I have a different computer to work on. Yeah! It has been hard to not spend some time each day enjoying creating something. I just updated my own personal blog, so now it is time that I get back to working on visiting teaching. Thanks for your patience. Since there are only a couple days left this month to get visiting teaching done, I am hoping that all of you have already gotten in your visits! If not, I have made a cute bookmark that I handed out when I gave lesson 13 in the book on "Obedience" I will attach it to this and hopefully you will be able to click on it and copy, paste and print. Let's see if it works. You can find the July 2008 message by going to this link:,4945,2044-1-4454-1,00.html

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Computer but the dust!

I have been without a computer for a couple weeks now and I am not able to create something wonderful until it comes back from HP, which will take who knows how long? I am adding this post on my son's computer and cannot do any graphic designs so hopefully for next months message I will have my computer back and all my programs reinstalled. Don't give up on me and I will update ASAP! Thanks for your patience.... Katie

Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2008 Visiting Teaching Handout

I have made this in Word so that hopefully all of you can print this out. It is just one of the quotes from the message, that I chose to take to the sisters I Visit Teach this month, Feel free to copy it and take it with you. Oh one thing on copying.... if you want a really nice copy to share, print them on either photo paper or card stock on the best setting.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

June Visiting Teaching Message

The June Visiting Teaching message entitled "The Gospel of Jesus Christ Teaches the Reality of Our Premortal Existence can be found in the Ensign, June 2008. You can also have access to it by going to,4945,2044-1-4449-1,00.html and you can print it off for you and the sisters you visit. The following is the message for the month of June...
What Are We Taught about the Premortal Existence?
Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: "We lived in the presence of God our Holy Father and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in a premortal existence. . . . We were told:
" 'We will make an earth whereon these may dwell;
" 'And we will prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them;
" 'And they who keep their first estate [that is, to be obedient in the premortal existence] shall be added upon; . . . and they who keep their second estate [that is, to be obedient during mortal life] shall have glory added upon their heads for ever and ever' [Abraham 3:24–26]. . . .
" . . . You were taught and prepared for the circumstances you would personally encounter in mortality. . . . Your memory of premortal life would be kept from you to assure that it would be a valid test, but there would be guidance given to show you how to live. Our Father's plan for salvation in this life with the opportunity of returning to Him would be called the gospel of Jesus Christ" ("Truth Restored," Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2005, 78–79).
Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: "In a premortal council at which we were all present, [Jesus Christ] accepted our Father's great plan of happiness for His children and was chosen by the Father to give effect to that plan. He led the forces of good against those of Satan and his followers in a battle for the souls of men that began before this world was formed. That conflict continues today. We were all on the side of Jesus then. We are on the side of Jesus today" ("Christians in Belief and Action," Ensign, Nov. 1996, 71).
Why Is It Essential to Understand the Premortal Existence?
Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president: "Women have distinct assignments given to them from before the foundation of the world. . . . We know that in the great premortal conflict we sided with our Savior, Jesus Christ, to preserve our potential to belong to eternal families. We know we are daughters of God, and we know what we are to do. . . . We believe in the formation of eternal families. . . . We know that the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. . . . We have faith that with the Lord's help we can be successful in rearing and teaching children. These are vital responsibilities in the plan of happiness, and when women embrace those roles with all their hearts, they are happy!" ("What Latter-day Saint Women Do Best: Stand Strong and Immovable," Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2007, 110).
President Spencer W. Kimball (1895–1985): "If we looked at mortality as the whole of existence, then pain, sorrow, failure, and short life would be calamity. But if we look upon life as an eternal thing stretching far into the premortal past and on into the eternal post-death future, then all happenings may be put in proper perspective" (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball [2006], 15).
For additional study, see Jeremiah 1:4–5; D&C 138:55–56.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How do you help a sister in need?

I would love to hear your comments on this subject. Please make your comment below and I will be sure to add them to this post. Here are some of my ideas from past experience......
1. Be a listening ear. Let her do the talking. Remember Visiting teaching isn't about you, but about her.
2. Pray for guidance, and when it comes, act on it.
3. Lift her spirits with a little surprise from you her Visiting Teacher such as inviting her to go get an ice cream, remembering her birthday, an unexpected phone call, a note on her door saying, "Just dropped by because I was thinking about you today!"
4. Sometimes lifting a burden from her life even something small such as offering to take her kids for a couple hours so she can go shopping, or offering to do her shopping for her.
5. When you say, "Let me know if there is anything I can do for you," mean it, then Do it!!!
6. Warm Chicken Soup really does help a cold, and who wouldn't like to be able to not cook when you are sick?
7. Think about how you would like to be helped if you were in her situation. What would help bring peace to you?
8. Go to and see what some very good visiting teachers did to help a new in the ward family... in need!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Links with great ideas

I found another site that gives you a monthly hand out for Visiting Teaching each month. Go to to see what they have to offer.
A very cute site that has darling little hand made things you can use all year round can be found at
I just happened upon a site where there are literally tons of Visiting teaching ideas. Go to
Here is a link to a cute Song that is made up about Visiting Teaching to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean."
This is a very cute idea for a gift to give to the sisters that you visit teach. It is a soup label that you make to replace one on a can of soup. Very cute!
Another link for a great theme of "Hands"
and... here is the link to Sally DeFord's song "My sisters Hands"
This is another great website with very cute ideas on Visiting Teaching and more..
Another link to Visiting Teaching Songs written to the tune of commonly known songs I just added this site to the list as it is a fun one

Angel Themed Visiting Teaching Ideas

Several years ago, I wrote a skit and had an evening with Angels, that is ministering angels. It was a wonderful evening with all the Visiting Teachers invited , who were indeed ministering angels. We served Angel Hair Pasta, a Heavenly Salad, and Angel Food Cake for dessert. I am trying to find the script, and I will post a link to my script however I have found a couple links to other skits with an Angel theme. Go to and there are 2 skits there. Once I find mine, I will add it for your use. Another link is and it sounds more like my idea. Another skit can be found at the following page that is called "Relif Sole Society Sole Skit" I don't know who originally wrote the skit and I would really like to give them credit, but several years ago, I found that skit and wrote it into a whole play that was a done for a combined Relief Society Visiting Teaching Conference and a Home Teaching Conference. It was great because it was advertized as a "Date Night Out", that included dinner and a play. I had designed theater tickets as the invitation and asked them to bring their tickets to get into the play. It really turned out great. This was alot of work for me but it is Hillarious and everyone loved it! For the dinner, we decorated the tables with boots holding flowers inside. The food for the evening was "SOLE" food. We had thought of Filet of Sole, but that was a bit too expensive for a church party. Appetixers served could be fruit "Leather" and dessert could be "Shoe Fly Pie". If you would like me to email you a copy of this play, please leave a comment on my blog stating you want a copy and leave me your email address, and I will send it to you.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

May 2008 Visiting Teaching Message

This month the message is taken from the General Conference talks that were given in April. You can pick the talk that you prefer, but for me, one particular talk made quite an impression. I loved the talk that Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gave on the topic of "Concern for the One." There was one quote that stuck out of that talk in that just painted a picture for me. I hope it does the same for you. Feel free to use it as a handout to take with you when you go visiting teaching. If you go to,5232,23-1-851-6,00.html you will find the whole talk to print out. You can find it in the Conference issue of the Ensign as well. Print the hand out on either Photo paper or white card stock. ENJOY! Leave me a quick note if you use it.

April 2008 Bookmark handout

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 2008 Visiting Teaching Handout

The April 2008 message is titled..."Marriage between a Man and a Woman Is Ordained of God". I typed up the last paragraph of this message, which was a quote from Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. I made this quote into a bookmark, actually 3 bookmarks per copied page. Print them out on cardstock or laminate them and cut them out. Feel free to pass my these on and use them freely.

General Conference Talks

Hear the words of the living prophets.
General Conference Reports
Proceedings of Recent General Conferences
There is no question in my mind, that we who call ourselves Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are indeed Christians. Those who would say otherwise remind me of the words my Savior, Jesus Christ spoke as He hung upon the cross... "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." This same Jesus Christ attoned for my sins, and died that we all might live.

What shall we give?

<>Other wonderful Christmas Videos, go to \

An Apostles Easter Thoughts on Christ

"This Easter and throughout the year, may we have uppermost in our minds His divine teachings, the unparalleled example of His pure love, and His willing sacrifice of self to accomplish the holy purposes of God, the Eternal Father." The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints"

This short video is an Important message from the mouths of our Prophets!

My sister sent this to me today and I feel like it is an important enough message, that I wanted to share it with all of my blog readership. The words spoken are directly out of the mouths of our Prophets, past and present. Hear them, heed them. Love, Katie G. You can find this at this link

July 24th - Pioneer Day

July 24th - Pioneer Day
Click on the picture and it will take you to the last post. Did you get your Visiting Teaching done by today? If not, just keep on trying, just like the pioneers. I would love to hear what you have learned from these wonderful Pioneer Women's stories. I know that I have learned alot about sacrifice, and persecutions of the early saints, and of a strong testimony that these Pioneers had to have to endure all that they did, and gave in establishing zion. Once again, I say, Blessed, honored Pioneer! If you would like to comment, please email me at or click on the link and comment on the last story. Happy Pioneer Day! Love, Katie G.

July 22 -Maggie Anna Ferrell Orr

July  22 -Maggie Anna Ferrell Orr
Copy and paste into your address bar and this will take you to the story of Maggie Anna Ferrell Orr, another of the wonderful Pioneering Women.

By now you should be alittle curious about your pioneer heritage.

By now you should be alittle curious about your pioneer heritage.
Do you want to find out if you have Pioneer ancestry. This site is most useful to those who have had members of their family tree that belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the Mormon migration period of 1847-1868. By the way, the goal for this Pioneer Women Journey is about to reach it's end. You only have one more day to do your Visiting teaching, before the 24th of July, which was the goal. You still have time to push the proverbial handcart up the hill, so get out and get it done. Share a pioneer story with your sisters, and you have pleanty to choose from right on this site.

My broken wagon wheel, hath bit the dust!

My broken wagon wheel, hath bit the dust!
Wo is me, I am so behind on my own treck of keeping up wonderful Pioneer women posts. Actually I have a great excuse, and almost made it when I realized how little I have to complain about. Ok, so I am going to tell you anyway. My air conditioning has been off for 6 days now, and I am having to live in my basement, though my computer in upstairs. It is ten degrees cooler in the basement, but my main floor has been up to 92 degrees inside my house. Wo is me.... and what do I have to moan about. I began thinking about the pioneers in their covered wagons, crossing the hot, hot prairie, and their only hope of relief from the blazing sun is the cool shade of a tree, or a stream, or night time if it cooled off enough for them to actually sleep. I have not slept well until I decided to go in the basement. Wo is me. What do I have to complain about. I have been so sick from the heat and a medication change that I have been nauseated all day long. So what do I do... hop in my car and go to Walgreens and get some acupressure wrist bands that took away some of my nausea. Wo is me, but what do I have to complain about.... the pioneer women suffered without any relief. If herbs didn't work for them, or if they didn't have access to them, they just suffered. I feel so blessed to live in this day and age where even if I have to be inconvienenced by having no air conditioning, I still can go in my basement, or hop in my car and turn up the air full blast, or just drive down to a store and walk around and shop, or even go to the pool and cool down that way. You know that poem.... "Father forgive me when I whine, I have two legs, the world is mine"? I have no reason to complain, but you still didn't get the updates on the Pioneer women because I am still too sick and hot to stay upstairs long enough to do them. Count this one as an update and count your blessings along with me. The wagon might be broke for a bit, but once the wheel is back on, the wagon will keep on rollin. Now, I am going to hurry back down stairs and try to replenish the sweat that is pouring off my face and body with gatorade. Don't give up on me, I will be back! Love, Katie G.

July 17 - Handmade by the Pioneers

July 16 - Margaret Alice McBride

July 16 - Margaret Alice McBride
....You know the drill... click on the photo and it will take you to the story of Margaret Alice McBride. Enjoy! Katie G

July 15 - Julia Ann Chapman Lee

July 15 - Julia Ann Chapman Lee
This story is told through the eyes of Julia's husband. It is a short but touching story, all to familiar to Pioneers. Click on the image and you will be directed to the story.

July 14 - Louisa Miller Belleston

July 14 - Louisa Miller Belleston
I thought it was important to realize that not all pioneers only traveled from Missiouri, Ohio or other Eastern States, but many were converted to the church and traveled from overseas. This story tells of the Church Emigration fund, and Louisa's family traveling first by boat and then on to Utah. Their travel took them 8 months to get there, with their fair share of challenges. Click on the picture and it will take you directly to the story.

July 13 - Mary Ann Payne

July 13 -  Mary Ann Payne
This is a cute little story about Mary Ann Payne that I found, and I know that you will enjoy reading about her. She is the top right photo. Click on the photo and it will direct you to the link that has the story. Enjoy!

July 12 - Margaret McNeil (Ballard)

July 12 - Margaret McNeil (Ballard)
Click on the picture of Margaret and you will be taken to the link that you can read about her.

July 11 - Jane Jenkins Howe

July 11 -  Jane Jenkins Howe
Please click on the photo to see the history of Jane Jenkins Howe entitled - A WIDOW SUPPORTING HER FAMILY

July 10 - Julia Anne Phippen Eldredge Evans

July 10 - Julia Anne Phippen Eldredge Evans
Click on the photo and it will take you to the link to read about Julia Anne Phippen Eldredge Evans

July 9 – Camilla Dorothy Jacobsen Corbett

July 9 – Camilla Dorothy Jacobsen Corbett
Click on the photo and it will take you to the link to read about this amazing Pioneer woman

July 8 - Catherine Gougar Goodman

July 8 - Catherine Gougar Goodman
This is a short story of a non-Utah Pioneer woman, who was taken by the indians as a little girl, and to read the rest of the story, you will have to click on the picture and it will take you to the link you need.

July 7 - Elizabeth Case Miliam Wheeler

July 7 - Elizabeth Case Miliam Wheeler
The life of this marvelous Pioneer woman can be found by clicking on the photo which will take you directly to the link. This woman is classic Mormon History as her story tells of her being apart of so many of the historical accounts in Nauvoo, Hauns Mill, handcart pioneers, and so much more. I found her story so interesting that I couldn't stop reading until it reached the end. It was also interesting to me that she was given 3 Patriarical blessings in her lifetime, and she was truely a wonderful woman. I know you will enjoy reading about her as I did. Love, Katie G.

July 6 - Pioneer Cooking

Since all of us cook, I thought it might be interesting to find out what Pioneer Women cooked, how they did it and recipes they used. I found quite a few recipes, but I would like to open this one up to you and if you have any authentic pioneer recipes, please send them to me and I will add them to this post. My email is just to the right of this page.

Click on this link to take you to the Pioneer Recipes:

I was also thinking that if you were to copy some of these recipes and print them off, that might be a fun handout for the Sisters you Visit Teach!

July 5 - Ann Parker

July 5 - Ann Parker
Sorry I am so late posting this story, but click on the photo and it will take you to the link where her story will be told.

July 4 - Margaret Ann Howard McBride (My Ancestor)

July 4 - Margaret Ann Howard McBride (My Ancestor)
I had to post about someone very special to me on this day. I chose one of my ancestors whose trek took her with the other ill fated pioneers of the Martin Handcart Company. I could not locate her photo, so I substituted one of her son's wives photos. Click on the photo and it will take you to the account given by two of her sons, of what she and her family dealt with after joining the church.

July 3 – Elizabeth Simpson Haigh Bradshaw

July 3 – Elizabeth Simpson Haigh Bradshaw
I hope that you are enjoying so far, the stories of these wonderful Pioneer women. I hope too that your testimony will strengthen as you read about those who came before us and the unimaginable things that they had to do to pioneer the way for us to have what we do in our wonderful church. My gratitude and love for them has deeply increased, and I would echo the words in the hymn..."Blessed, honored, Pioneer!" Click on the photo of Elizabeth and it will take you to her history and for more reading about Elizabeth, you can go to Also there is another account of Elizabeth found in a book that you can read by going to this link...,+Elizabeth+Simpson+Haigh&source=bl&ots=UJEtgTZ4Sf&sig=2h_qWhKeYEiK6hM8ev95tiRuu2M&hl=en&ei=kHE-SpW4JpDosQOe94n0CA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4

July 2nd - Diana Lucina Spicer Block

You can find the posting of a marvelous Pioneer woman, whom I have chosen to spotlight on my other blog that is located at and just click on the link and it will take you there! I hope you are having some good Pioneer fun!

July 1st - Anne Eliza Leavitt Baker

July 1st - Anne Eliza Leavitt Baker
Did you think I forgot? Actually my life became so hectic today, that I am just getting some time to make my first Pioneer woman post. I hope you will enjoy reading about these marvelous women who came before us. I hope that you can feel their courage and understand that we too have a purpose for living in our generation. We are the generation that lives to prepare for the second coming of Christ,though none of us know when that will be.... and with that I will just say... Keep your wagons rolling along in good works, do your Visiting Teaching, strengthen your sisters through your testimony and determination to get your visiting Teaching done. Click on the photo and it will take you to the link where you can read about our Anne, who is most likely the woman in the middle front of the photo, holding the baby.

Visiting Teaching Tips, handouts and Ideas
For many years, I have been creating very cute and fun things to take to the ladies I Visit Teach. I have shared from time to time, my ideas with others and they have really appreciated them. I decided that since I do these anyway, I would start doing one every month and then post it on this blog to share with anyone for their Visiting Teaching. I do need to make a disclaimer.... the ideas, thoughts, stories, graphics etc. used are created by me and they are not in any way official LDS Church quotes, handouts or ideas. They are my creations or others as noted, except for the quotes that will come directly from the Monthly Visiting Teaching message found in the Ensign. Also, many thanks to the talented designers of the digital paper and elements that I use to create the beautiful artwork, and handouts you see on my blog.

You can go to and look up and even print the monthly message if you do not have your own Ensign magazine subscription in English or to choose to read the Liahona or Ensign in a different language go to
For Spanish you can go to

I highly recommend you get your own subscription because you will find a wealth of really good & wholesome, moral reading, that you can't find anywhere else. If you go to and click on "Gospel Library" then click on "Magazines" you can order your own Ensign, Liahona, New Era, or Friend magazines.
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When you click on the pictures or ideas that I have on my site for you to download, sometimes the picture ends up really large. What you need to do to size it is to go to the "page button" then click on zoom. Take it down to 50% and that should fit better on your screen for viewing . Also, if you right click "save picture as" then save it to a file on your computer, you can size it using your own desktop publishing program and then print it off with my compliments! Enjoy!

A February Enrichment Idea

A February Enrichment Idea
"The Hearts of Angels" dinner & program. Click on the picture and it will take you to where you can find the entire program written out. Once you get to the site which is my Visiting teaching surprise, make sure to scroll down a ways because there are alot of other great ideas, printables and handoust before you will find this wonderful "Angelic' program. Enjoy!

Enrichment Ideas Anyone?

Enrichment Ideas Anyone?
I have also been enrichment leader from time to time as well as have been asked to do many projects for Enrichments. I am not sure if anyone would be interested in some of my ideas, but if you are, please leave me a comment and I will respond. One thing that relates to Visiting Teaching that I wanted to share is something I have taught for many years, and in fact my Daughter in her Park City ward just used this idea in their Super Saturday last week for the second time. It is Glass etching and it is really pretty easy and turns out to be a great project. The etching I do is etching glass casserole or platters with the name of the person who will receive this gift or for whomever is signed up for the class. I have given etched casserole dishes as wedding gifts and have taken many casseroles, rolls, cakes, and all kinds of goodies to people, and always get my dish back, because it has my name etched in it. Go to to get instructions.

Gardening with Kids

Gardening with Kids
Read the idea below

"Returning to the Past" A Relief Society Activity Idea

This is an email I received from a wonderful sister as well as a new Relief Society President about an idea that they will be doing as a theme for their activities for this year. (if you have a great idea to share, please email me at and we can add it to all the other terriffic ideas!

Dear Katie,
I just found your blog. It is so great. I love the idea of the Hearts of Angels. I am trying to figure out how we can use it for our VT conference and incorporate some of the things for our VT interviews. I am a new R/S president and all these things we have to do throughout the year are a little overwhelming. I love all of you ideas. So much work involved, thank you for being willing to share with all of us! I would love anything else you could pass my way.
WE had the thought earlier to use a theme of "Returning to the past" for our activities this year. So all of your old-fashioned pictures will be great to use as invites and handouts.
You might be interested in the idea we had for our B-Day dinner. We always have a progressive dinner in December to the homes of different sisters. We divide them up into about 5 smaller groups and go around to the different sisters homes in the ward. Because of the weather we cancelled it and had it at the church. We decided to do it for our B-Day dinner instead when the weather would be better. We are having the women bring a sack lunch with them and to wear something old, like a grandmothers broach or shawl, or to dress up in the time of the 1800's, and to bring a pint jar with a lid. We will have the sisters make lemonade at the first house and take with them in the jar that they brought, and then go to the next house. At the last house we will have and old fashioned cake to serve like apple walnut cake or something like that.
We still have some details to work out but at the end each member of the presidency will be at a different home and will share a prepared script. It will be written as if they were at the very first R/S meeting when the prophet Joseph Smith organized the R/S with just a handful of women.
Anyway, thank you for sharing what you have! You have a great talent!
Stacey McClellan - Blackfoot, Idaho

SELF RELIANT SISTERS BLOG HAS A GREAT ACTIVITY ABOUT GARDENING WITH KIDS - go to It is well worth the time and a terriffic idea as Spring is just around the corner! Here is a tiny bit of information that you will see at the site.....

Gardening with Kids has great tips on getting kids started with gardening. Give your child some space; literally! Kids loving having spaces that are all their own, whether it`s their own desk area in the house, or the tent they've created with chairs and blankets in the family room. The same is true for gardening. Dedicate a small plot of the garden just for them. Put a fancy border around it, perhaps purchase one of the stepping stone making kits found at crafts stores in which they can mold their name and make their hand print.
Let them join you at the nursery. Let your kids know you value their opinion. Ask them which kinds of plants, flowers, and vegetables they like. Explain what will work well in your garden and what won't.
Give them (limited) choices. While you're at the nursery, ask them if they'd like pansies or petunias, marigolds or zinnias. This will give them the feeling of power without letting it get out of control.
Remind them money doesn't grow on trees. With older children discuss the budget. Let them help select seeds and blossoming plants at the nursery - and turn it into a math lesson. Let your child do the money calculations; they can tell you when the money runs out.
Let your child do what he will (especially if you have a preschooler). Let him dig, explore, play with bugs. You may be tempted to steer your child in another direction (like actually watering or weeding his garden), but this is a great way for your child to explore this exciting new universe.
Plan, plan, plan. If you have older children, say 8 or 9 or older, let them plot out their own garden on paper. Provide him or her with graph paper, pencils and seed catalogs. Give them a group of flowers and vegetables from which to choose, and then let them draw out their garden.
Get them their own gardening tools. Nothing will motivate your little gardener more than having her own little shovel, her own gardening gloves, and her own watering pail. And don't forget those bright colored rubber boots.
You need to go to the site and explore all the rest of the links and ideas.