This blog is filled with all kinds of tips, handouts and ideas that can help to motivate and fulfill your calling as a Visiting Teacher, and more because it is filled with helpful ideas for Relief Society related topics. We hope you will visit often, and don't forget to check out my other blogs too at:

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Eve - Count Your Blessings Jar

The end of a year is always a great time to look back on the events of the year and think about all that you have been blessed with.  These will be mixed blessings, because life is never perfect, but it's a great time to "Count your blessings, and see what the Lord has done" for you.

I have created a cute label that you can print, cut out and attach to a quart jar. Print it out on white, or if you print it out on colored paper,  you can add a matching fabric lid or leave it plain, but tie a pretty bow around the lid.  If you do leave it plain, be sure to cut a slit in the top of the canning lid, so that the little slips of paper can be inserted into the jar, without having to open the jar each time.  (You know how you did when you wanted to save your coins as a kid and made yourself your own piggy bank out of a jar.)

This could be given to friends and family, sisters you Visit Teach, or just about anyone, and would fit right into the New Years celebration as a party favor that can be used all year long.  To get the Label & blessing templates, go to my other blog:

I have been thinking a lot about all the New Year's resolutions that are made and forgotten shortly after they are made.  This is my way of creating a way to remember a years worth of blessings, tender mercies, happy moments, compliments, or anything good that happened, and be able to actually see what the Lord has done for you this past year, and not making a resolve, and failing.  This is progress and will provide a lift.  OH and be sure at the end of the year, to add your blessings, to your journal, so you will not forget them in years to come. 

Enjoy!  Katie G.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New LDS related website

I wanted to share a tip about a new website that I just became aware of.  It is called  Gospel Grab bag, and is so completely filled with ideas for just about anything and everything LDS.  My good friend Mary Ross is the author, and has been working long and hard to make it wonderful.  She is teamed with a fabulous illustrator,  Jenette Guymon King, and together they have some pretty amazing ideas to offer.
Mary happens to be in my ward, and when my grand kids come to visit, some of them have gone to Mary's Primary class, and have come home with the most darling handouts I have ever seen.  Mary has a special way to make things fun, because she is dedicated to teaching the Gospel in fun ways.  Mary is one of the most compassionate women I know, and serves quietly, those who are lonely, physically challenged, and just needing a friend.  Mary is a great example of taking Visiting teaching to a higher level, and makes close friends of anyone and everyone.  Mary's heart if full of charity, and everything she does is out of love and kindness.  Mary is a true disciple of Christ, and lives her life daily thinking about others, and then acting on her promptings. She is kooky, and creative and Christ like, all in one wonderful package. 

I hope you will take a moment to go visit her site.

Enjoy!  Katie G

Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Days of Family Christmas Activities

Some of you may know that I am a service missionary for on their Response Team.  I am one of those who answer your questions submitted about the website.  I have been so amazed at the wealth of information, images, videos, talks, and other resources, that I decided to create a Christmas activity calendar for families, to help them to understand the true meaning of Christmas.  I actually made this as a give to my ward members, but decided that others could benefit from this as well.  Most everything is from with a couple of exceptions. A few of them require a tiny bit of preparation, so you should look at it before your family does, and be prepared.  It is fun, and will bring greater happiness and joy to your family as you learn more about why we celebrate Christmas.

Feel free to share this with anyone you want, but please let me know if you like it, and maybe I will do another one next year, if I feel all my time and efforts were worth it.

Enjoy!  This image pictured isn't active but you can find it in my dropbox up until the end of December:

Merry Christmas!  Love, Katie Gauger

Friday, November 29, 2013 new look and Dec. 2013 Visiting Teaching Message.

Have you been to and seen the new look of the home page?  There is so much information and so many things to view, it took me quite a while, but I loved every minute of it.  I hope you too will take a moment and go to and spend some time seeing what the great folks that keep up this website are treating us to now.

It has been a while since I have posted on this site.  I have been very busy lately doing good things, but I have been thinking a lot about Christmas and what we can do to bless the lives of our sisters.  Relief Society is a sisterhood, and the watchcare that Visiting teachers provide, is powerful.  The message for December 2013 is found here:

"In the New Testament we read of women, named and unnamed, who exercised faith in Jesus Christ, learned and lived His teachings, and testified of His ministry, miracles and magesty.  These women became exemplary disciples and important witnesses in the work of Salvation.  

For example, Martha bore a strong testimony of the Saviors divinity when she said to Him, "I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world"  (John 11:27)

Some of the earliest witnesses of the Savior's divinity were His mother, Mary, and her cousin Elizabeth.  Soon after the angel Gabriel visited Mary, she visited Elisabeth.  As soon as Elisabeth heard Mary's greeting, she 'was filled with the Holy Ghost" ( Luke 1:41) and bore testimony that Mary would become mother to the Son of God."

We are fast approaching the Christmas Season, where so much of the true message of the Birth of Jesus Christ, gets lost in the Black Friday sales, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Parties, and visits to Santa.  What if we focused our efforts of testifying of Jesus' birth, and his life and what His Atonement means in our life.  Would we be able to better serve others at Christmastime, if we kept those thoughts and feelings in our hearts? What if we were to give something away that really mattered?

I have recently written a Family Christmas book, which is now out, and doing pre-launch sales.  It is called, 'If you want to be happy, give something away. "  The message of this book helps to remind us, that when we serve and do things for others, we not only make others happy in the process, but we become happy too.  Hearts can change as we give to others, and not just the hears of those we give to.  Happiness is a natural byproduct of serving, and we don't need to only focus on material gift giving, but there are so many other kinds of things we can do to "give something away."  Now... back to when I was looking at their homepage, I found a link to a darling video that shares some great ideas about things we can do at Christmastime, that don't involve spending money, but they are still gifts we can give away. That cute video is called "The Reason Behind Christmas."  The video is only alittle over 3 minutes, so please take a few moments, and watch it.  Get some ideas of what you can do to give away to others, but in a more Christlike way.  Then... go do it!

I hope you can be a Mary and Martha and testify of Jesus through your acts of service, love and giving away not just through the holidays, but all year thorugh.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Be of Good Cheer

Today, my day started out really hard, and as the hours progressed, they didn't get any better.  My mind was heavy laden with challenges, worries, and lots of unknown, as I tried to get myself dressed to go to church.  I wondered if I could hold back the tears in church, and keep it together and not give myself away.  I caught the glance of the Bishop, sitting on the stand, and he smiled at me, knowing full well what challenges I was going through. 

I was fine during the opening song, but when the sacrament song was sung, my eyes welled up with tears, as I thought about the Savior, His atonement, and how it could bless my life, if I would accept his offering.  Tears began streaming down my cheeks, and I quickly reached for my kleenex tissues inside of my purse. I made quick work from the first one, and replacing it with a second and third.  For some reason, my tear ducts have a direct connection to my nose, and I was so stuffed up, I grabbed for tissue number 4, 5, and six and also made quick work from those.  Embarassing to blog your nose that much from just a few little tears.   I told myself... "Get a hold of yourself, people are looking."  They probably weren't but I felt like all eyes were on me, especially when I blew my nose.

After the Sacrament, the member of our Bishopric who was conducting stood up and began to share his testimony.  He paused, and I could see his mind going in a different direction.  He then spoke and told the congregation, that he had prepared a message, which went with the theme for the new month, however he didn't know why, but he just decided that he would follow the inspiration he was receiving.  As I listened, a warm feeling covered me, almost feeling like someone had wrapped their arms around me.  I knew that I was receiving a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father. I knew that the new words that were being spoken, were meant for me, and that God had made him a messenger.  Once again, the tears welled up and began to drip down my cheeks.  This time, I knew I had wiped enough of my make up and mascara off, that everyone would know that I had been crying, but this time, they were tears of joy  and gratitude for the knowledge that Heavenly Father was blessing me through one of his servants.

After Sacrament meeting, I told the Bishop that I may go home because I didn't know if I could make it through the rest of the meetings.  He once again smiled, and didn't judge, but just told me that he understood.  As I walked down the hallway, toward the doors of the chapel, I felt like I would just try to stay a little longer, and I did.  Sunday school was great, but I knew that I couldn't  possibly make it through Relief Society, but somehow I stayed.

I was so glad that I stayed in Relief Society because the lesson today was another inspired lesson, and if I didn't know better, I would have thought it was written for me.  It was about dealing with adversities, and trying to be of good cheer, through them.  I needed that lesson and felt once again that a tender mercy had been sent my way for the second time that day.  After the lesson, I met eyes with my R.S. President, who had presented the lesson, and I gave her a thumbs up and motioned that the lesson was for me.  She smiled, and thanked me.

Is the Lord mindful of us in our affliciton?  Yes, and yes again.  He knows all that is going on, inside and outside of us.  He knows our troubled minds, our aching hearts, and feels the hurts that make us tremble.  He is a God of tender mercies, and works through His servants, to helpHis children to be of good cheer, as they all go through these challenges that afflict their lives. 

The R.S. President handed out this quote, that I retyped and added a lovely picture of Jesus Christ that I found at images.  I wanted to share, and thought that you too might want to share this with someone who needs it.  You know, we need this message, from time to time.

Enjoy.  Katie G

Friday, October 25, 2013

#1 Christmas book for 2013 "If you want to be happy give something away"

I just had to post a shout out to all my wonderful blog readers and followers about the brand new book that was released today, "If you want to be happy give something away."  It is a wonderful story, and the setting is on Christmas Eve.  It's Heartwarming and value based!  It is not just a children's book though the images will delight your youngest of children, but it's message is for the entire family.  Make this book part of your holiday traditions, like my family has, for more than a century.  The book trailer will be coming out next week, and pre-orders are being taken now, and will be fulfilled in only 3 weeks!  Get your copies now by emailing me.  Just a little tip, this book is perfect for families, but for gift giving for men and women who are widdowed, and the message is perfectly in keeping with this blogs theme, of sharing good things with your Visiting teaching ladies.  (Yes, shameless promotion but when you read it, you will understand why!)  Enjoy!!! Christmas is only 2 months away!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heavens Very Special Children

I designed this for a friend of mine who I Visit taught and she wanted to put it up on her wall.  It was given to her at the birth of her own Heavens very special child.  I created them to share with others who might appreciate the message, and to give to those who too have a very special child and might need the message in this poem for comfort, and strength or to put things into perspective when they are feeling down.  Please share with others. I made them in 4 different colors, so if you want the others, click .     
Other colors available are Burgandy, Pale blue, and Beige.  VERY PRETTY!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

2013 General Relief Society Broadcast

I just finished watching the General Relief Society broadcast, and really enjoyed the getting to know our wonderful General Presidency, through listing to them speak.  Wonderful, wonderful messages!I loved it, and especially closing with our beloved Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.  I was excited that the very last person the camera focused on while the choir sang, More Holiness Give Me, was a darling woman in my very own ward, Sister Edy Howe.  She and her husband have just completed their Service at the MTC, as her husband was just called to be our new Stake Patriarch. 

What a wonderful story President Monson shared with us, about the sister and the loaf of bread.  I don't want to spoil the story for any of you, so go back to the broadcast and listen to it for yourself.  President Monson has more real life stories to share, than any Prophet I have heard.  He is amazing.  This story reminded me of the fact that the Lord works through us, many times, in answering the prayers of others.  We should all pray to be instruments in His hands, to bless the lives of those who need the Lord and who need us.  Visiting Teaching gives each of us an opportunity to be the one who is on the Lords errand.

Sisters, as you look around your own wards, look and find those who need you, even if they are not assigned to you to teach.  They may not even be active, or maybe not even a member of the church.  You can do something great, by following the promptings you are given to be the giver of bread, like in the story of President Monson gave tonight. 

I like the significance of bread in this story and in the scriptures, because it reminds me that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and as such need to share my loaves with others.  Remember the story of the loaves and the fishes... Jesus took the loaves, and fishes and gave it to the people.  In John 6: 35, it reads, 'And Jesus said unto them, I am the bead of life:  he that cometh to me shall never hunger and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.  Jesus is the bread of life! Now go and watch the video over again or for the first time, and enjoy a beautiful meeting.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

LDS 2013 General Conference

General Conference is coming up again and once again I personally am getting excited to listen to the messages that our Prophet, General Authorities, and Church leaders have to share with us.  I don't know if I just love Conference time, but I am getting warm fuzzies already, just thinking about it.  Most years, watching General Conference has meant that my husband and I gather our children around and do our best to try to keep the kids busy, so we can maybe get a word or two that the Church leaders are sharing.  The kids married and then some of them came back to watch General Conference with us, and then there were grandkids, who came too.  I can't think of a more wonderful thing to do together as a family, but I do think we need to consider that if our children, who have little attention spans are not kept busy and engaged with conference activities, nobody gets anything out of watching conference.  Gratefully the Ensign comes out the next month with the talks, and we can enjoy them to their fullest then.

So... keeping this in mind, I wanted to share some sites where you can go for printables to keep your children busily engaged in Conference with activities, and more. has some cute ideas for children.  Here is the link to the page and an example of some of the ideas follow.

This site has a darling and colorful journal to copy for each child with activities in it. 
General Conference Activity for Kids  Here is a page of the printable as an examplel:
Conference Bingo

Preparing our Children for General Conference, Mar. 2009


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If you want 2 be happy - my new blog.

Hi my friends, and sisters!  I have been a bit neglectful of  my two Visiting Teaching blogs for a while, and wanted to update you.  I have been creating another really wonderful blog, that is filled with uplifting messages, stories, videos, printables and so much more, that is bound to make you happy.  In fact, my goal is to help you to be happy.  I would greatly appreciate it if you will go to my new blog and see what it is all about.  It is called "If you want 2 be happy," and you can find it at  I have only been at it for a few days, but I would like to ask you to share the message with all those that you think could use a little cheering up, and encouragement on how to be happy. 
This blog was created as a preamble to my book that is coming out for Christmas Season, and I will make an official announcement as the time gets closer and it is actually launched.  I can give you a little teaser though.... it is all about what you need to do to be happy.  My publisher is creating a website, and I have been working very hard on creating a blog that will not only be entertaining, thoughtful, informative, and provide a positive message about happiness, but it will fun and enjoyable for you to come back to often.  I even have a translator on it so you can translate most of the posts to a language that you feel most comfortable with. 

Please share my blog with others on Pinterest, facebook, Twitter and on any other social media that you follow and enjoy.  I would love  also if you will continue to follow me like you have done in the past with my Visiting Teaching blogs.  (Don't worry, I will not stop doing them either, but I will just be a little busier. )

Feel free to email me with questions, or comments or stories, because posting at least once a day will be difficult to keep up without some help. 

Thanks again for your continued support, and go out and be HAPPY!  Katie GIf you want 2 be happy

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 2013 Visiting Teaching Message

For the actual message, go to and look under "Visiting Teaching Message" in the left Colum on the home page.  Here is a little printable designed by me, for you to share with your sisters as you share your message.    Click on the image to enlarge, right click and save as a file on your computer.  Print from there.  Enjoy, Katie G

August 2013 Visiting Teaching Message

Here is the link to the August 2013 Visiting teaching message that can be found in the August 2013 Ensign or on at this link:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 2013 Visiting Teaching Message

This is a little printable handout (3 per page) of the condensed version of the Visiting Teaching message found on  I thought that if you had any inactive or non member sisters you visit, that it would be nice to get a copy of the Daughters in my Kingdom book, The history and Work of Relief Society (   to take to them to read.  Many references come from this book and as you give the lesson you could open up the book to the references from the lesson. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July

LDS Musican, and Composer, Sister Rebecca Adams, of Lake Villa. Illinois, wrote and performed the beautiful arrangement American the Beautiful.   With the help of friends all over the United States, she gathered photos to create this beautiful reminder of how truly magnificent and beautiful our Country really is.   Her purpose was to remind us of what we are blessed with and what we have, living in this beautiful country.  In a day and age of growing concerns with leadership, wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, tornados, and so much more, we should not forget what we do have in this blessed land which should give us so much reason to rejoice. 

Be sure to share her video and message with others as you celebrate our Independence Day on July 4th. 
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Mothers Day book of Quotes from our Prophet

I was asked by my ward to come up with something to give out to the women this Sunday on Mothers Day along with the chocolates.  My wonderful graphic design program bit the dust, so I had to create something on MS Word instead.  I think it turned out nice, and thought since I have so many hours into this project, others of you might want to use it for gift giving for your Mothers, wives, sisters, friends, etc. on Mothers Day. 

The quotes from the Prophets pages can be printed on one sheet of paper - two sided. The cover with the image, could be printed on a pretty pale pink, blue, cream or light tan for a nicer effect.  Remember to print, you have to click on each image, and save it to your computer and then you print from the file you saved it to on your computer. 

So enjoy!  Love, Katie G


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Visiting Teaching: Making a Difference by Small and Simple Means Beyond Statistics

By Mary Ellen Edmonds

I have recently begun serving another service mission for the church.  I have already served 2 with my husband, and this one is just for me.  My husband was called to be the bishop of my ward a couple of years ago, and I wanted to do something more beneficial with my time, that he is away from home serving our ward.  So..... I decided to serve a service mission from my home.  I am a member of the LDS Response Team, and we are the ones who answer all the questions that people write in while on  Today, I took on a question about Visiting Teaching, and was so happy to do the research to help the Customer, as we call them, to find what she was looking for.  She was looking for a specific talk by Mary Ellen Edmunds, given at the 2011 BYU Women's Conference.  The talk is titled "Visiting Teaching:  Making a Difference by Small and Simple Means Beyond Statistics.  I didn't go to that Women's conference, so I was excited to find out about this talk and post the links for all of my blog followers to access as well as this particular customer.  She thought she would like to use this talk to be the focal point of a Visiting Teaching Conference.  I totally agree that this would be wonderful, so I thought I would share the links with you.

Archived talk:

Video Broadcast:
 (They have a commercial Advertisement prior to the video playing)

I hope that all of you will go to these links and enjoy this wonderful talk.  Thank you Sister Edmonds, for your wonderful message about Visiting Teaching. 

P.S.  If you want to go back to all the past years Women's Conference Transcripts, and enjoy them again, or for the first time, they can be found at this link

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ewe Can Do It!

I have been having fun going through old Vintage images and came upon a beautiful vintage EWE.

Immediately my mind when into gear, thinking of what I could do with this.  I have come up with some great ideas how you  EWE could use these images with applications for Visiting Teaching, Relief Society lessons, meetings, and even for Missionary work.  I bet you will think of more, so if you do, please comment so more ideas will be out there for everyone to use.  Here are mine....

"Ewe can do it!"  Feed my sheep
"Ewe can do it!" Develop your talents
"Ewe can do it!" Do your Visiting Teaching
"Ewe can do it!" Get your Visiting teaching done
"Ewe can do it!" Fulfill your callings
"Ewe can do it!" Be the best mother "EWE" can
"Ewe can do it!" Go out and finding the lost sheep (Missionary work and sisterhood)
"I love Ewe!"  for a Valentiney theme, or message about how much our Heavenly father loves You Ewe!  Lots of applications for this wonderful word, as well as these darling images.  Remember to use them, click on the image to enlarge, and right click and save to your computer in a file you will remember, then print from your computer file.  Easy huh?

Here is a page I made with postcards and bookmarks for you to use for whatever application that "EWE" want to do!
ENJOY!  Katie Gauger

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Family Tree

I have always wanted to have a silhouette of a tree painted on my wall, so that I could have space to put up the framed pictures of my beautiful grandchildren.  I finally made my dream a reality, however I didn't end up painting it, as I believe that is what has kept me from doing it for so many years. I was afraid to make a huge mistake on my wall with black paint, sooooo I started looking into vinyl options, and found one, or should I say 4.  What am I talking about?  Well, when the tree came, I knew it would not be tall enough, so I ordered 2 and made the trunk a little fuller and the branches a little wider and fuller too, however this was not enough. I didn't take into consideration that my ceilings are really tall, and my tree was looking pretty small, so I got online and ordered 2 more.  I was able to graft in branches all over the place to make my tree as full and tall as I needed. 

So why do I tell you about this?  What does this have to do with Relief Society or Visiting Teaching?  This past few years, I have really gotten into searching for my ancestors, and have had some amazing experiences in finding them as well as doing their ordinance work.  Our church as really developed some wonderful programs for fining our ancestors, and add to it all the time.  I wonder just how many people are taking advantage of the advances in research and genealogy that has availed us, within the past few year.  Judging from my own ward, and the Family History class attendance, very few have taken advantage of the wonders of the Internet research made possible by our very own LDS church!

What if the Relief Society supported this effort to teach the sisters how to research their ancestors, and spent a couple of the night meetings, focusing on Genealogy.  I feel pretty positive that the leaders in the ward who know and teach the Family history class would be very gracious about sharing their knowledge with the sister.  I have come up with a few ideas of what could be taught, however I am sure you could do just the same by putting your heads together.

  1. Finding your roots - could be a night talking about how to look up and find your ancestors and know where your roots come from. You could serve things that grow on trees like Apple Pie, or other fruit tree pies, nuts or other tree related things.  (my idea that corresponds is a bit of a stretch but I thought I would offer it anyway...)You could do a play on words "Roots" by bringing in a beautician to have an additional class, besides a genealogy class, teaching the women how to cover up their roots, about saving money and being thrifty,  by coloring your hair yourself instead of at the beauty shop. (gray hairs). 
  2. All ye of Royal Birth - could be a theme because most peoples genealogy on one line or another go back to royalty.  My husbands Bennett line (his mother) goes back to the King and Queen of England.  I can see the tables set for a dinner with the Queens of their homes, and each sister gets to wear her crown (from Burger King or found online) for the evening.  You can have a couple of different classes offered, one focusing on finding the kings and queens in your family.  Another could be talking about how to be the queen of your house, by honoring your King and encourage him to honor his Priesthood. I could even see another fun and learning lesson being how to make yourself feel like a Queen. ( teach how to make skin care products from the things you have around your house.) There are lots of websites that have recipes for masks, lotions, oils, bath salts, etc.
  3. Your Family tree - You could have the genealogy specialists in your ward show how to get on the LDS Genealogy site and show how to make a Family Tree Fan, right on that site. (See the examples below)  Here is one link that you can see how to do this. Here is a link that tells about it and here is a link to create your family fan or family tree.   Maybe everyone could make one to take home.  You could do other classes on how to organize your genealogy and important family files, and even talk about the importance of knowing your family health history that date back as far as you can find.  There are sites such as this one that can really help you.

I won't go on because it is almost midnight... why oh why do I get my ideas so late at night????  Hummmm?   Good night and hope these ideas help you!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visiting Teaching Conference Idea

I just received permission to post on my blog, this wonderful, and I mean wonderful... Visiting Teaching Conference program.  I bet the sisters of the Ottawa Ward, Olathe Stake, Kansas, had a fun and wonderful evening thanks to  Nancy Machnicki.  Nancy is a member of the Extraordinary Visiting Teachers google group and mentioned this program called "The Little Red Hen's New Call" and I contacted her to see if we could get it up and available to others to use.  So.... thanks so very much Nancy, and without further ado, here it is.  (4 pages)  To copy, just right click on each page, and save as a file on your computer and print from there.
If you want to see or use the origin images from the story book, you can find them at Project Gutenburg and here is the direct link to the book: Once to the link, click on html, and you can see them in color and black and white.  They are just darling, but of course you all know I LOVE vintage things.  Enjoy!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Service Contest

"...Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matthew 25:40

I am gathering stories to include in my book that will focus on “Christ like Service”. If you would like to participate in this wonderful contest opportunity, please email me with your stories of Christ like service that:
1. Has been given to you
2. Has been given to someone you know
3. You have observed
4. You have been a part of
5. Or that has been a group project

Here are the details:

· Stories should be no longer than 800 - 1000 words. (If you must go longer, be sure to total up the word count and submit it along with your story.)

· Provide as much story detail as possible, helping those who will eventually be reading to have their own hearts touched by your experience.

· You may include names of those involved in this service, or you may request for them to remain anonymous, in which case you can change the names or I will.

· The stories MUST BE TRUE, and have actually happened. (document with dates that your story happened if possible)

· Stories can be in the past, or present, and you can go way back to your ancestors if you wish, however your stories must not have ever been published before in a book, magazine, or periodical of any sort.

· Stories can be shared about being neighborly, aiding the sick or infirm, providing meals, groceries or other needs for someone, kind acts, service that were passed on, helping a friend, lifting spirits of someone through kindness, or just about any other kind of service you can think of. Whatever comes to your mind, that you feel is worthy of sharing, please do.

· If you have photos of the service given, please include them. If you did not take photos at the time and could take some after the fact, please include those as well. Attach photos to the email.

Please be sure to include on your story and email the following:

· Your full name
· Your complete mailing address & zip code
· Email address
· Phone number (in case I need to contact you for further information about your submission)
On the Subject line of your email type in: "Service Contest"
FYI: I will not give out your name, address, phone, etc., to anyone, but I will need it if I need to contact you about including your story in my book, as well as sending you a release and permissions form to use your story and or photos. I will also need your address so I can mail you a copy of the book if I include your story. No one but me will have access to your information.

All those whose stories are selected for use in my book will win a free copy of the book when it is completed and published. Your name will also be included as the contributor, and possibly a photo, so you too will be famous and published. (As you know this may take up to a year or longer, so if your story is selected, please be patient remembering it takes time.) If your story is selected, you will be contacted by me within 6 months.)

These stories do not have to be LDS oriented only, but the book market will focus on Christian readership.

Thanks so much for your time and interest in this wonderful project and contest which will run until midnight, April 1, 2013 . I would like entrants worldwide, and this is why I am announcing it on my blog. I have lots of blog readers from everywhere in the world, and hope to receive email submissions from most of you. Please pass on the link to this contest to your friends and family, or any who you know has a story to tell.

I look forward to your emails, and I wish you the best of luck, as well as enjoyment while you sort through your memory for stories of Christlike Service.

Best regards,

Kathleen Gauger

Monday, February 18, 2013

Who am I?

I have been in working with the editor of my new book, and realized that name recognition is very important.  Since I began my blogs some 7-8 years ago, I have used the pen name of Katie G. and signed all of my posts with that name.   Recently I discovered and quite by accident that there are other Katie G's out there and one in particular that I would NOT like to have anyone think that I am.  For this reason, I wanted to introduce myself to you.

My name is Katie Gauger, and I currently live in Lehi, Utah with my husband Dennis, however I was born in American Fork, Utah.   I am a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and wear my religion on my sleeve, as I hope you can tell through my blogging.  I know it, I live it and I love it, just like Sister Ann Dibb said in a talk this past year.  I love to create beautiful projects through using my God given skills and talents, through graphic design.  Hopefully you know about this and have seen my gifts to you on my other blog, http://visitingteachingsurprise and if not, you need to go visit that blog.  It is great and I have loved creating it to help and assist and encourage in a very small way, the sisters of my faith in doing their Visiting teaching. 
I am also a soon to be published author and published writer.  My book is well on it's way and I hope you will look for it when it comes out. (Believe me, I will announce it's coming)  The name of my book has finally been decided and it will be "If you want to be happy, give something away." I would love to tell you more, but you will just have to wait for my announcement in the very near future.  I don't have my website up yet for that book but once again, when it is up, I will let you all know.
I write articles for one of the Deseret Digital Media groups, for one of their many sites called and can be found at this link: So far I have about 6 published and I look forward to having more to add, as soon as I write them.  It is a lot of fun, and my writing skills have greatly improves through the many years I have been maintaining and posting on this blog.  You can go to and type my name (aka) "Kathleen Gauger" in the Search box, and you can bring up my articles.  Currently, my most recent is on the front page so look for "Tips on how to document your childs life."
To answer the question I know is on your lips... ha, ha... why do you sign Katie G instead of using your formal name?  My husband began calling me Katie when we were married many years ago, and when people heard him, they just thought that was what my name was.  Rather than constantly correct them, I answered to the name of Katie.  I like it, and have enjoyed being known as Katie for many years.  It is a bit confusing when I see the friends and family who knew me as Kathleen while I was growing up, but some of them are even converting to calling me Katie, as well.  I have other names that I am called most recently such as "Sister Bishop, first lady of the ward, and Mother of the Ward, and I love having those attached to me and I love and revere the Man who leads our Ward as Bishop!
To sum all of this up... if you ever search me and type in Katie G.  make sure you get the right Katie G.  I am not the one who has inappropriate photos posted all over the internet.  I was sickened to think that there would be a possibility that any of my readers could mistake me for her.  So, as Paul Harvy use to say... "And that is the rest of the story". 
Oh and if you know who I am and ever see me, make sure to say hello.  It if fun to find out who the readers of my blogs are, even though I do get emails a lot, it is still fund to meet you.  Hopefully at my book signings, you will come and introduce yourself to me, and let me autograph your copy of my book for you, that is if I can remember which name to sign it.  Ha ha.
Best regards,
The real Katie G. aka Kathleen Gauger 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Valentines Day ---- A Day of Roses

I have designed a cute Valentine Day Card and insert for you to print off if you like for those sisters you Visit teach, or for anyone else you may want to give one to.  I have given ideas about using different kinds of roses to go with the card, or simply give the card and personalize it without adding anything.  But, when I was creating this project which is posted at I thought about a story that I would like to share with you.  I call it, "A Day of Roses".

I know a special friend, who sufferers from depression, MS, and a multiple of other health problems.  She does her best every day to deal with her problems, however at times they get the best of her.  Several years back, when she was in her 20's, she became so depressed that she made yet another attempt at suicide.  Her mother, for some reason, and who was older, did her best to keep her suicide attempts quiet, because she didn't want others to know about them, thinking that this was the best way to handle the situation, which by the way was WRONG!   This time, it was found out, and the years of troubles she had suffered, was brought out into the open, and her whole family was finally brought to the knowledge of the situation.  They all grieved feeling so badly that they had not known their sister had been going through such difficult times. 

I found out about it too, as this young woman was a very close friend to me.  I pondered at what I could do to lift her spirits, and let her know she is loved, and valued, and that she was not judged by me for her challenges.  I had a thought one day as I went shopping at Costco.  I passed by the beautiful flowers that they had displayed at the end of an isle, very close to the check out registers.  The fragrance of the flowers drew me to them, and I looked at this beautiful, fragrant display, and had an Epiphany.  I knew what I would do for my friend.  I know that flowers can lift the spirits of everyone, and especially the ill.  Flowers are given to people who are in the hospital, and so why not give flowers to someone who is suffering in other ways! 

I made a phone call to my Friend and asked her if she was busy that very next day.  She said she was available, and I told her to set aside about 3 hours of time, and that I would pick her up at her house, and we would spend that time together.  I gave her no clue as to what we would be doing.

When I picked her up, I was excited and so was she.  The anticipation of doing something together that was a secret, was exciting.  She was smiling and filled with wonder, until we drove up to Costco.  She asked, "So we are going shopping in Costco?"  I said, "Yes", but what we are shopping for is the secret. 

We entered the store, and because I wanted to keep her guessing and excited, we went through all the isles, and admired so many lovely things, until the point we were just about done window shopping, and we arrived at the flower isle.  I then told her to select the most beautiful color of roses and that I would be buying them for her today.  Her eyes lit up and she told me she loved roses.  She also told me that she had never been given so many roses at one time before.  She took her time and checked out each bunch and finally settled on beautiful, long stemmed, Red roses.  There looked to be 18 - 24 roses in the bunch.  On our way to the cash register, I told he that it was my gift to her, but once they were hers, it was up to her as to what she wanted to do with them.  I told her that there were so many, that she might want to consider giving some of them to others, to make them as happy as she was, or she could just keep them all for herself.  (I had secretly planned and hoped that she would like to share, because it was part of my plan.)  She responded as I had hoped and said she would like to give some away, but then began to question who.  I then chimed in and made some suggestions.  I said to think about people throughout her life, who had made an impact on her.  Maybe a teacher, or music teacher, or friend.  She began to think and speak out loud her thoughts.  She excitedly said, 'I know who I will give to, and she lives very close by. 

While in line at the check out, I suggested that there might be many others who could have their day lifted by being given a rose.  I suggested that she look around as we went from place to place to watch for someone who might need a rose. 

Right in front of us in line, was a mother with a crying child.  The mother looked frustrated and was struggling to handle paying for her Costco purchase, and wrestling with her child. My friends eyes lit up and she said, "I think that woman needs a rose".  While I was paying for the roses, my friend took out one of the roses in her bouquet, and went over to that woman, and said, "I was noticing that maybe you needed one of these to brighten your day!"  The woman responded favorably and smiled and thanked her for the rose.  It was totally unexpected, but so very welcomed.  They briefly spoke, but what I observed was that not only the countenance of the woman struggling with her child, had changed, but my friend seemed to brighten her own countenance, and she seemed so happy and uplifted. 

Next we went to another store and thought that we might find some people in that store who could use a rose.  One of such, was the woman who was at the cash register.  She seemed frustrated by the onery person who had just checked out.  My friend gave her a rose and said that she hoped her day went better from that moment on.  You should have seen the look on the face of the woman at the cash register.  Her mouth gaped open in wonder, and then a big smile.  She thanked my friend and my friend, said, "No thank you for the service you give every day".

My plan for a day of roses was a huge success.  I knew from personal experience that when we give service to others, there is a huge side benefit.  We feel just as good or better than those we had given the service!  My friends countenance changed and she eagerly thought about who she might give the next rose to.  We stopped at the door of a music teacher who had made a difference in her life.  She gave some of the roses to her Mother who had taken care of her and who was also grieving at the thought her daughter could be dead and gone from the last suicide attempt.  Each and every person was happier, and brighter for a time, and this happiness was felt inside my friend. 

After the three hours, I took her home.  She hugged me and thanked me over and over for the wonderful day of Roses.  I told her how much I loved her and how important she was in my life to me.  I told her that I didn't know what I would do without her, and hoped that the good feelings she had inside from giving service, love and kindness to others, would remind her of how good if feels to be alive, and focusing on others instead of ourself.  We talked about how everyone has troubles in this life and that challenges were what made us who we are.  I told her that when she became discouraged, to look around and see that there are so many others who have challenges too, but we can make a difference, by simply being kind, and giving a little service.  When we look outward, we don't have time to look inward, yet a direct result of serving others is good feelings.  No pill has ever been created to make a person feel as good about themselves as they do when they are serving others.

We parted, and I went home knowing I had done something good.  I felt warm fuzzies inside of me, knowing that my friend did too.  I had invested my time, my love and a little bit on Roses, but what a marvelous day we shared, one that I had impact on me and so many others, and that I will never forget.

I hope you enjoyed my true story and will go out and enjoy serving others.  Much love, Katie G

Friday, January 4, 2013

Relief Society, Visiting Teaching, and really kind sisters.

I had whole knee replacement surgery, the day after Christmas, which was only 10 days ago. I have to say that other than having children, it has been the most painful and difficult thing I have ever undertaken. But setting aside the pain, I have to share with you, the love and sisterhood that has come my way. I have had many prayers offered on my behalf, as well as I have had my name put in the temple by several of my sisters. I have had countless short calls, several short visits, many calls that my husband took, on my behalf. Besides that I have had cards in the mail, and more meals and offers for meals that we can eat. I know this kind of loving response, doesn't always happen, though I wish it would, I just had to share with you, why it has helped me so much. I am even adding some of the photos I have taken of myself, during my recovery process... hoping to see the progresses in future photos, but because I want to show you that this is ME, a real person, and tell you of the blessings that have come my way through kindness of so many.

No matter how much we as women, like to try to do it all ourselves, and try to recover from things, without letting others in to help us, we do need others. We need our family and extended family... neighbors, friends, Visiting Teachers, and Relief Society sisters..... we just do. I tried my best to let others know that my husband would be preparing all our meals, as we are both on diets, and trying to only eat what we are able... you know yucky diet food. Well, they didn't listen and I am so glad because even though we have had lots of meals brought to us that are on our diet, they tasted so much better than the ones we cook, because that special ingredient they use, and add to flavor it so much better. You know... "love". Love makes everything taste better1

While I was preparing for this difficult surgery, I reached out to several sisters in my ward to help me understand just what I would be going through. I wanted to be prepared, and those sisters helped me to know what is important to do in preparation for the surgery, and afterwards, when the really hard part begins. One neighbor brought over a little pedal machine for me to use, and explained that after she was over the biggest part of the pain, she would sit in a chair and slip her feet into the pedals, and pedal, while watching a movie, reading a book or working on her computer. She said that she had let others use it after their knee surgeries too. How kind, and what a thoughtful and helpful act of service.

I have a darling sister I visit teach. She has been inactive for many, many years, though loves to visit with and welcomes her Visiting Teachers. I told her about my surgery and that I would probably have to miss a visit during January, because I would most likely not be driving or walking good enough by then to get it in. Before I could suggest another option, like a telephone visit, she spoke up and said, "'Well then, I guess if you can't come Visit teach me, I will just have to come and Visit teach you!" ..... Now guess who was knocking at my door this morning, bearing gifts, and came for a nice visit? You guessed it, my wonderful sister, who is also my wonderful friend. I was so gratified by her visit; you can't imagine... actually maybe you can. Visiting Teaching was the seed that was planted and bloomed into a wonderful friendship.

I can't walk without a walker, and I am going through some really painful physical therapy, but one day, my knee will be all healed and I will be out walking to my sisters homes, doing my Visiting teaching.

I have heard from all of those sister I visit teach either by “checking up on your" texts, meals, or visits. Usually I am posting on my blog of why it is important for you to get out and do your Visiting teaching, and providing little handouts to make it easier to get there, but this time, I am getting pay back, even though it was never the motivation. The love, concern and kind words that I have been given, is the best kind of pay if forward that I would ever even wish for. I feel such gratitude. Now if someone would just create the handout for this month for me.... any takers? Ha, Ha.

Being a Visiting teacher who develops REAL friendship with all those they teach is so important, and what our Heavenly father wants us to do. My side of the story had to be shared, and I have such gratitude in my heart for the sisterhood that I feel as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I hope you can feel the other side of the story in your own live too. It us usually the giver side I share with you of things you can do to get the job done, but the receiver side is just as important. NOW make sure you get your sisters needs met. Get to know what their needs are, and do something. Become their friends, instead of just an associate. Love them and serve them... for that is what our Heavenly Father desires for us. Set your New Year’s goal high and never miss an opportunity to serve in this wonderful sisterhood, or wherever you are called, or anywhere else the opportunity arises. Don't have to be a member of this church, or an active member to reach out and serve, or to be served by those who are. Fill in each other’s gaps, and be the crutch under the arm to help bear one another’s burdens. In doing, develop wonderful friendships in the process.

I love my sisters!!!! Each and every one of them.

Best loving regards,

Katie G.

General Conference Talks

Hear the words of the living prophets.
General Conference Reports
Proceedings of Recent General Conferences
There is no question in my mind, that we who call ourselves Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are indeed Christians. Those who would say otherwise remind me of the words my Savior, Jesus Christ spoke as He hung upon the cross... "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." This same Jesus Christ attoned for my sins, and died that we all might live.

What shall we give?

<>Other wonderful Christmas Videos, go to \

An Apostles Easter Thoughts on Christ

"This Easter and throughout the year, may we have uppermost in our minds His divine teachings, the unparalleled example of His pure love, and His willing sacrifice of self to accomplish the holy purposes of God, the Eternal Father." The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints"

This short video is an Important message from the mouths of our Prophets!

My sister sent this to me today and I feel like it is an important enough message, that I wanted to share it with all of my blog readership. The words spoken are directly out of the mouths of our Prophets, past and present. Hear them, heed them. Love, Katie G. You can find this at this link

July 24th - Pioneer Day

July 24th - Pioneer Day
Click on the picture and it will take you to the last post. Did you get your Visiting Teaching done by today? If not, just keep on trying, just like the pioneers. I would love to hear what you have learned from these wonderful Pioneer Women's stories. I know that I have learned alot about sacrifice, and persecutions of the early saints, and of a strong testimony that these Pioneers had to have to endure all that they did, and gave in establishing zion. Once again, I say, Blessed, honored Pioneer! If you would like to comment, please email me at or click on the link and comment on the last story. Happy Pioneer Day! Love, Katie G.

July 22 -Maggie Anna Ferrell Orr

July  22 -Maggie Anna Ferrell Orr
Copy and paste into your address bar and this will take you to the story of Maggie Anna Ferrell Orr, another of the wonderful Pioneering Women.

By now you should be alittle curious about your pioneer heritage.

By now you should be alittle curious about your pioneer heritage.
Do you want to find out if you have Pioneer ancestry. This site is most useful to those who have had members of their family tree that belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the Mormon migration period of 1847-1868. By the way, the goal for this Pioneer Women Journey is about to reach it's end. You only have one more day to do your Visiting teaching, before the 24th of July, which was the goal. You still have time to push the proverbial handcart up the hill, so get out and get it done. Share a pioneer story with your sisters, and you have pleanty to choose from right on this site.

My broken wagon wheel, hath bit the dust!

My broken wagon wheel, hath bit the dust!
Wo is me, I am so behind on my own treck of keeping up wonderful Pioneer women posts. Actually I have a great excuse, and almost made it when I realized how little I have to complain about. Ok, so I am going to tell you anyway. My air conditioning has been off for 6 days now, and I am having to live in my basement, though my computer in upstairs. It is ten degrees cooler in the basement, but my main floor has been up to 92 degrees inside my house. Wo is me.... and what do I have to moan about. I began thinking about the pioneers in their covered wagons, crossing the hot, hot prairie, and their only hope of relief from the blazing sun is the cool shade of a tree, or a stream, or night time if it cooled off enough for them to actually sleep. I have not slept well until I decided to go in the basement. Wo is me. What do I have to complain about. I have been so sick from the heat and a medication change that I have been nauseated all day long. So what do I do... hop in my car and go to Walgreens and get some acupressure wrist bands that took away some of my nausea. Wo is me, but what do I have to complain about.... the pioneer women suffered without any relief. If herbs didn't work for them, or if they didn't have access to them, they just suffered. I feel so blessed to live in this day and age where even if I have to be inconvienenced by having no air conditioning, I still can go in my basement, or hop in my car and turn up the air full blast, or just drive down to a store and walk around and shop, or even go to the pool and cool down that way. You know that poem.... "Father forgive me when I whine, I have two legs, the world is mine"? I have no reason to complain, but you still didn't get the updates on the Pioneer women because I am still too sick and hot to stay upstairs long enough to do them. Count this one as an update and count your blessings along with me. The wagon might be broke for a bit, but once the wheel is back on, the wagon will keep on rollin. Now, I am going to hurry back down stairs and try to replenish the sweat that is pouring off my face and body with gatorade. Don't give up on me, I will be back! Love, Katie G.

July 17 - Handmade by the Pioneers

July 16 - Margaret Alice McBride

July 16 - Margaret Alice McBride
....You know the drill... click on the photo and it will take you to the story of Margaret Alice McBride. Enjoy! Katie G

July 15 - Julia Ann Chapman Lee

July 15 - Julia Ann Chapman Lee
This story is told through the eyes of Julia's husband. It is a short but touching story, all to familiar to Pioneers. Click on the image and you will be directed to the story.

July 14 - Louisa Miller Belleston

July 14 - Louisa Miller Belleston
I thought it was important to realize that not all pioneers only traveled from Missiouri, Ohio or other Eastern States, but many were converted to the church and traveled from overseas. This story tells of the Church Emigration fund, and Louisa's family traveling first by boat and then on to Utah. Their travel took them 8 months to get there, with their fair share of challenges. Click on the picture and it will take you directly to the story.

July 13 - Mary Ann Payne

July 13 -  Mary Ann Payne
This is a cute little story about Mary Ann Payne that I found, and I know that you will enjoy reading about her. She is the top right photo. Click on the photo and it will direct you to the link that has the story. Enjoy!

July 12 - Margaret McNeil (Ballard)

July 12 - Margaret McNeil (Ballard)
Click on the picture of Margaret and you will be taken to the link that you can read about her.

July 11 - Jane Jenkins Howe

July 11 -  Jane Jenkins Howe
Please click on the photo to see the history of Jane Jenkins Howe entitled - A WIDOW SUPPORTING HER FAMILY

July 10 - Julia Anne Phippen Eldredge Evans

July 10 - Julia Anne Phippen Eldredge Evans
Click on the photo and it will take you to the link to read about Julia Anne Phippen Eldredge Evans

July 9 – Camilla Dorothy Jacobsen Corbett

July 9 – Camilla Dorothy Jacobsen Corbett
Click on the photo and it will take you to the link to read about this amazing Pioneer woman

July 8 - Catherine Gougar Goodman

July 8 - Catherine Gougar Goodman
This is a short story of a non-Utah Pioneer woman, who was taken by the indians as a little girl, and to read the rest of the story, you will have to click on the picture and it will take you to the link you need.

July 7 - Elizabeth Case Miliam Wheeler

July 7 - Elizabeth Case Miliam Wheeler
The life of this marvelous Pioneer woman can be found by clicking on the photo which will take you directly to the link. This woman is classic Mormon History as her story tells of her being apart of so many of the historical accounts in Nauvoo, Hauns Mill, handcart pioneers, and so much more. I found her story so interesting that I couldn't stop reading until it reached the end. It was also interesting to me that she was given 3 Patriarical blessings in her lifetime, and she was truely a wonderful woman. I know you will enjoy reading about her as I did. Love, Katie G.

July 6 - Pioneer Cooking

Since all of us cook, I thought it might be interesting to find out what Pioneer Women cooked, how they did it and recipes they used. I found quite a few recipes, but I would like to open this one up to you and if you have any authentic pioneer recipes, please send them to me and I will add them to this post. My email is just to the right of this page.

Click on this link to take you to the Pioneer Recipes:

I was also thinking that if you were to copy some of these recipes and print them off, that might be a fun handout for the Sisters you Visit Teach!

July 5 - Ann Parker

July 5 - Ann Parker
Sorry I am so late posting this story, but click on the photo and it will take you to the link where her story will be told.

July 4 - Margaret Ann Howard McBride (My Ancestor)

July 4 - Margaret Ann Howard McBride (My Ancestor)
I had to post about someone very special to me on this day. I chose one of my ancestors whose trek took her with the other ill fated pioneers of the Martin Handcart Company. I could not locate her photo, so I substituted one of her son's wives photos. Click on the photo and it will take you to the account given by two of her sons, of what she and her family dealt with after joining the church.

July 3 – Elizabeth Simpson Haigh Bradshaw

July 3 – Elizabeth Simpson Haigh Bradshaw
I hope that you are enjoying so far, the stories of these wonderful Pioneer women. I hope too that your testimony will strengthen as you read about those who came before us and the unimaginable things that they had to do to pioneer the way for us to have what we do in our wonderful church. My gratitude and love for them has deeply increased, and I would echo the words in the hymn..."Blessed, honored, Pioneer!" Click on the photo of Elizabeth and it will take you to her history and for more reading about Elizabeth, you can go to Also there is another account of Elizabeth found in a book that you can read by going to this link...,+Elizabeth+Simpson+Haigh&source=bl&ots=UJEtgTZ4Sf&sig=2h_qWhKeYEiK6hM8ev95tiRuu2M&hl=en&ei=kHE-SpW4JpDosQOe94n0CA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4

July 2nd - Diana Lucina Spicer Block

You can find the posting of a marvelous Pioneer woman, whom I have chosen to spotlight on my other blog that is located at and just click on the link and it will take you there! I hope you are having some good Pioneer fun!

July 1st - Anne Eliza Leavitt Baker

July 1st - Anne Eliza Leavitt Baker
Did you think I forgot? Actually my life became so hectic today, that I am just getting some time to make my first Pioneer woman post. I hope you will enjoy reading about these marvelous women who came before us. I hope that you can feel their courage and understand that we too have a purpose for living in our generation. We are the generation that lives to prepare for the second coming of Christ,though none of us know when that will be.... and with that I will just say... Keep your wagons rolling along in good works, do your Visiting Teaching, strengthen your sisters through your testimony and determination to get your visiting Teaching done. Click on the photo and it will take you to the link where you can read about our Anne, who is most likely the woman in the middle front of the photo, holding the baby.

Visiting Teaching Tips, handouts and Ideas
For many years, I have been creating very cute and fun things to take to the ladies I Visit Teach. I have shared from time to time, my ideas with others and they have really appreciated them. I decided that since I do these anyway, I would start doing one every month and then post it on this blog to share with anyone for their Visiting Teaching. I do need to make a disclaimer.... the ideas, thoughts, stories, graphics etc. used are created by me and they are not in any way official LDS Church quotes, handouts or ideas. They are my creations or others as noted, except for the quotes that will come directly from the Monthly Visiting Teaching message found in the Ensign. Also, many thanks to the talented designers of the digital paper and elements that I use to create the beautiful artwork, and handouts you see on my blog.

You can go to and look up and even print the monthly message if you do not have your own Ensign magazine subscription in English or to choose to read the Liahona or Ensign in a different language go to
For Spanish you can go to

I highly recommend you get your own subscription because you will find a wealth of really good & wholesome, moral reading, that you can't find anywhere else. If you go to and click on "Gospel Library" then click on "Magazines" you can order your own Ensign, Liahona, New Era, or Friend magazines.
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When you click on the pictures or ideas that I have on my site for you to download, sometimes the picture ends up really large. What you need to do to size it is to go to the "page button" then click on zoom. Take it down to 50% and that should fit better on your screen for viewing . Also, if you right click "save picture as" then save it to a file on your computer, you can size it using your own desktop publishing program and then print it off with my compliments! Enjoy!

A February Enrichment Idea

A February Enrichment Idea
"The Hearts of Angels" dinner & program. Click on the picture and it will take you to where you can find the entire program written out. Once you get to the site which is my Visiting teaching surprise, make sure to scroll down a ways because there are alot of other great ideas, printables and handoust before you will find this wonderful "Angelic' program. Enjoy!

Enrichment Ideas Anyone?

Enrichment Ideas Anyone?
I have also been enrichment leader from time to time as well as have been asked to do many projects for Enrichments. I am not sure if anyone would be interested in some of my ideas, but if you are, please leave me a comment and I will respond. One thing that relates to Visiting Teaching that I wanted to share is something I have taught for many years, and in fact my Daughter in her Park City ward just used this idea in their Super Saturday last week for the second time. It is Glass etching and it is really pretty easy and turns out to be a great project. The etching I do is etching glass casserole or platters with the name of the person who will receive this gift or for whomever is signed up for the class. I have given etched casserole dishes as wedding gifts and have taken many casseroles, rolls, cakes, and all kinds of goodies to people, and always get my dish back, because it has my name etched in it. Go to to get instructions.

Gardening with Kids

Gardening with Kids
Read the idea below

"Returning to the Past" A Relief Society Activity Idea

This is an email I received from a wonderful sister as well as a new Relief Society President about an idea that they will be doing as a theme for their activities for this year. (if you have a great idea to share, please email me at and we can add it to all the other terriffic ideas!

Dear Katie,
I just found your blog. It is so great. I love the idea of the Hearts of Angels. I am trying to figure out how we can use it for our VT conference and incorporate some of the things for our VT interviews. I am a new R/S president and all these things we have to do throughout the year are a little overwhelming. I love all of you ideas. So much work involved, thank you for being willing to share with all of us! I would love anything else you could pass my way.
WE had the thought earlier to use a theme of "Returning to the past" for our activities this year. So all of your old-fashioned pictures will be great to use as invites and handouts.
You might be interested in the idea we had for our B-Day dinner. We always have a progressive dinner in December to the homes of different sisters. We divide them up into about 5 smaller groups and go around to the different sisters homes in the ward. Because of the weather we cancelled it and had it at the church. We decided to do it for our B-Day dinner instead when the weather would be better. We are having the women bring a sack lunch with them and to wear something old, like a grandmothers broach or shawl, or to dress up in the time of the 1800's, and to bring a pint jar with a lid. We will have the sisters make lemonade at the first house and take with them in the jar that they brought, and then go to the next house. At the last house we will have and old fashioned cake to serve like apple walnut cake or something like that.
We still have some details to work out but at the end each member of the presidency will be at a different home and will share a prepared script. It will be written as if they were at the very first R/S meeting when the prophet Joseph Smith organized the R/S with just a handful of women.
Anyway, thank you for sharing what you have! You have a great talent!
Stacey McClellan - Blackfoot, Idaho

SELF RELIANT SISTERS BLOG HAS A GREAT ACTIVITY ABOUT GARDENING WITH KIDS - go to It is well worth the time and a terriffic idea as Spring is just around the corner! Here is a tiny bit of information that you will see at the site.....

Gardening with Kids has great tips on getting kids started with gardening. Give your child some space; literally! Kids loving having spaces that are all their own, whether it`s their own desk area in the house, or the tent they've created with chairs and blankets in the family room. The same is true for gardening. Dedicate a small plot of the garden just for them. Put a fancy border around it, perhaps purchase one of the stepping stone making kits found at crafts stores in which they can mold their name and make their hand print.
Let them join you at the nursery. Let your kids know you value their opinion. Ask them which kinds of plants, flowers, and vegetables they like. Explain what will work well in your garden and what won't.
Give them (limited) choices. While you're at the nursery, ask them if they'd like pansies or petunias, marigolds or zinnias. This will give them the feeling of power without letting it get out of control.
Remind them money doesn't grow on trees. With older children discuss the budget. Let them help select seeds and blossoming plants at the nursery - and turn it into a math lesson. Let your child do the money calculations; they can tell you when the money runs out.
Let your child do what he will (especially if you have a preschooler). Let him dig, explore, play with bugs. You may be tempted to steer your child in another direction (like actually watering or weeding his garden), but this is a great way for your child to explore this exciting new universe.
Plan, plan, plan. If you have older children, say 8 or 9 or older, let them plot out their own garden on paper. Provide him or her with graph paper, pencils and seed catalogs. Give them a group of flowers and vegetables from which to choose, and then let them draw out their garden.
Get them their own gardening tools. Nothing will motivate your little gardener more than having her own little shovel, her own gardening gloves, and her own watering pail. And don't forget those bright colored rubber boots.
You need to go to the site and explore all the rest of the links and ideas.